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Combining direct mail and email for ultimate domination

Integrated marketing is a term that has been thrown around a lot in the industry. Today, you can no longer think of your marketing channels as separate, but as part of a well-oiled machine

Combining direct mail and email for ultimate domination

"Acquiring new customers through email marketing is a fierce topic of debate, particularly with the arrival of the GDPR in May 2018"
Jimmy Holyoak

Most marketers are savvy when it comes to the pros and cons of marketing channels, such as direct mail and email. However, these platforms used to stand alone. By combining the attractive pair, you can maximise your brand strengths and minimise the weaknesses. Washington Direct Mail, a leading print and mail house, are sharing their tips for multi-channel marketing.

Direct mail vs email

This is an age-old saying, but we’re throwing it out of the book. Comparing the two against each other is no longer feasible, although they have achieved great success separately. For example, an email campaign can be set up relatively quickly, providing you with quick insights into open rates within minutes. However, we’re hitting the crescendo of email noise levels. The average worker receives a jaw-dropping 121 emails per day, which means they have to sift through a lot of text to get to your marketing message. While you are still communicating with your prospects, there is a chance a large chunk of your audience will ignore your message, or not see it at all.

On the other hand, direct mail marketing can afford marketers the opportunity to ‘cut through the noise’. While direct mailing can initially take longer to execute than email marketing, it offers the best response rates out of all marketing channels - according to the 2017 DMA report. With that in mind, we can see the benefits of combining the two and reaching more.

How do I integrate the marketing channels?

Technology today allows companies to create ultra personalised direct mail, through integrated CRM and other marketing tools. By doing so, you can guide your customers throughout their journey. To put it into perspective, companies that have utilised the potential for integrated marketing have noticed a lift, all the way up to 118%. You can use these tips to boost your marketing campaigns:

Target those who don’t respond

No matter how much you personalise a message through email, there will always be people who will ignore your message. The non-responders could be due to a number of factors, such as an overwhelming number of emails. However, you can target these non-responders through direct mail marketing. Create a list of those not responding emails, building a mailing list to produce hyper-personalised mail.

Prospect follow-up

Acquiring new customers through email marketing is a fierce topic of debate, particularly with the arrival of the GDPR in May 2018. In the age of data protection, you must obtain consent to take and use your consumer’s data. However, acquisition marketing can also benefit the likes of start-up companies, as all firms need to start somewhere and can even temporarily boost revenue.

Unlike email, direct mail marketing has fewer hoops. You can use direct mail to produce initial outreach, directing prospects to a unique landing page. From there, you can measure those who do visit your website, further segmenting the audience into high priority. You can then follow up with an email campaign.

Basket reminders

Basket reminder emails are part and parcel of an E-commerce store. However, the likelihood of those emails being ignored, or even deleted, are much higher in this day and age. However, direct mail automation allows you to target those consumers, delivering basket reminder mail pieces straight to their door. You can even do this within 12 hours, making your brand heard through the noise.

Event Marketing

Even though we live in a digital age, companies will not get far without a little event marketing. Events are crucial to brand awareness, particularly for B2B marketing. Combining both email and direct mail could vastly increase the number of those attending your event, or engaging with your business after. If you use email marketing to advertise the event, produce direct mailers on your company background and services for attendees to take away with them. Similarly, use direct mail to approach brands and follow-up with email.

A combination of offline and online marketing is the future of the industry. Rather than limit your reach, you can expand your consumer base and still retain existing customers.