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Top Product Marketing Tips for 2020

Want to take your product-based marketing campaign to the next level? Zagwear is a leading product marketing agency working with the biggest brands to successfully bring products to market.

Top Product Marketing Tips for 2020

"Product marketing has stood the test of time...and can give your brand the boost it needs."
Daniel Hill

Marketing is always changing, and the most successful methods to heighten brand awareness and get a good return on investment is something which industry professionals constantly need to monitor and react to in order to keep their promotional efforts relevant. 

With the rise of digital communication, marketers are turning to online platforms to help clients’ brands gain traction and get results. But one traditional marketing method which still stands strong in 2020 is product-based marketing.

In this post, product marketing specialist, Zagwear, shares its top product marketing tips for 2020.

Tip 1 - Take a customer-centric approach
The aim of any marketing campaign is to see a successful return on investment (ROI). Whether your ROI is a short-term or long-term goal, your strategy should be planned with this as its fundamental target.

And how do you bring products to market which have the desired impact, boost your brands visibility and help you reach your measurable targets? The answer is to take a customer-centric approach. Why? Because creating a great product is only half the battle. Great products will only have the desired effect in the market if they’re marketed in a way which will be noticed by their target consumer. 

Whether you’re offering existing customers free branded stationary or provide prospects with reusable cups to get your brand noticed, you need to think about what it is that your target consumer wants and always work to deliver exactly that.

Tip 2 - Be innovative
With the general public seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing efforts every single day, simply adding to the onslaught they encounter won’t be effective.

In an era where marketing is everywhere, from the high street shop window to social media, every campaign needs to be creative. Consumers have come accustomed to blocking out promotional activities, with only the most innovative efforts out there reaching prospects eyes and grabbing their attention long enough to make a lasting impact.

For your product marketing campaign to get noticed, it needs to be different from that of your competitors. Offering an identical product to those already offered by competitors only reduces your uniqueness. Thinking innovatively and bringing something to market which is new, whether that be an entirely new product or an innovative material, is a sure way to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Tip 3 - Build brand advocates
Done right, your product marketing strategy reaches your target consumer profile...but what if you could stretch it even further?

Offering your existing customers branded products, such as stationary, can help increase the reach of your name, without putting in the extra hours. Some of the most successful product marketing campaigns Zagwear has worked on offer customer exclusives. 

Although these products are created exclusively for existing customers, they work as more than just a complementary freebee. Branded products help to build a company preference and strengthen brand loyalty, encouraging existing customers to become brand advocates.

Brands that achieve this level of advocacy can use these products to reach even more prospects than just those who receive the product. Think about it—products given to loyal customers will become visible to their families, friends and acquaintances. They even have the potential to come up in conversations which could lead to recommendations, new sales and more importantly new loyal customers who, in time, can also become valuable advocates for your brand.

Some final points
Product marketing has stood the test of time. And while other marketing methods come and go, product-based promotion continues to thrive. Effective in small businesses and large corporations alike, this marketing method can give your brand the boost it needs. 

Every business is different, and there’s no set procedure that will work for each and every brand. Building a successful product-based marketing strategy for your business depends on everything from target audience to the industry you operate in, but these tips offer a universal guide that can be applied to every campaign to help it produce the desired results and reach its goals.