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Entrepreneurial Mum Teaches Others How to Become Best Seller

and gains a celeb fan in TV Presenter Jenny Powell

Entrepreneurial Mum Teaches Others How to Become Best Seller

"I love helping others bring a book to life and helping them to tell their story. Becoming an author is an incredible experience, one that I am honoured to share"
Abigail Horne

A mum of two who has helped over 100 authors become bestsellers is herself celebrating becoming a bestselling author for the fourth time, with the launch of her new book ‘Brand Yourself Bestseller, which sees her  expanding her mission to help thousands more women to become bestselling authors and leave their legacy through the power of books. 


‘Brand Yourself Bestseller’ is Abigail Horne's fourth bestselling book - ‘a journey into the power and magnitude of what it means to spark magic in the world and leave a legacy through the power of books’. Packed full of practical advice and step-by-step guides, it teaches the reader how to write a bestselling business book and outlines how this can be done in just 30 days!


In just a few hours after its release, ‘Brand Yourself Bestseller’ reached No.1 bestseller in Business Consulting and Language Communication categories, sitting above big names such as New York Times Bestselling author John Brooks and his book ‘Business Adventures’ reviewed by Bill Gates as ‘the best business book I’ve ever read’. 


Showcased by Forbes as one of the hottest Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2018 Abigail’s career has gone from strength to strength. With the launch of her latest book, Abigail is able to widen her mission with her business, Authors & Co, that she set up last year,  to help thousands of other women find their voice, share their message and leave a legacy through the power of books.

Abigail said: “There’s a writer that lives inside each of us that’s purposeful and magnetic just waiting to be uncaged. ‘Brand Yourself Bestseller’ is a journey into the power and magnitude of what it means to spark magic in the world and leave a legacy. It will teach you to write and release that purpose within you and give you the skills that you need to become an author and leader that truly influences change in the world.”


She continued: “I am overwhelmed at the incredible success I’ve had with Authors & Co and the difference these books and bestsellers have had on our amazing authors. I launched Authors & Co so that everyone had the opportunity to be guided through the whole process by a team of people who have been there and achieved Number 1 Bestseller Success! I love helping others bring a book to life and helping them to tell their story. Becoming an author is an incredible experience, one that I am honoured to share. I believe in the power of books and have seen how they can open a whole new world of limitless opportunities to each author. Writing a book is leaving a legacy, it’s giving a part of yourself to the future to last for all time! With the launch of my new book I can expand my mission and impact thousands of other budding writers.”


In 2017, Abigail proudly became a number 1 bestselling author for the first time with her collaborative book ‘She Made it Happen’ in which she openly shared her story of burnout and rising from the ashes. After seeing the impact this book had on herself and the other contributors, Abigail was inspired to launch Authors & Co.


Leaving school at 16 and going straight into a full-time job, Abigail soon realised that she wanted to be successful. At 24, Abigail became a mum and decided she wanted to work-part time. However, she spent a lot of her maternity leave battling with her then employer over reducing her hours only resulting in wasting her only bit of time with her son, Ted, and returning to work full-time when he was just 5 months old. 


Spending the following year on antidepressants in a low state, not just over her lack of time with Ted but over the pain she was living in, Abigail soon realised that she was just existing, and this was in no way a life. So, she walked out of her 10-year management career to work in sales management.  After just a few weeks working with people who showed Abigail more respect in days than she had been shown in 10 years, her confidence began to grow again. She no longer dreaded going to work but she missed time with her son and her health started to suffer due to the four hour drive every day. 


She decided to leave the corporate world with a clear vision and set out to pursue her dream of online coaching, networking and marketing. Abigail wanted to prove to her old employer that you can be a mum and have a career that works for you. Alongside her network marketing ventures, she also decided to invest in her own energy company, which saw her generate a multiple six-figure income stream. 


However, following this she suffered completely burnout and spent 12 months hiding from the world losing every ounce of her confidence in a downward spiral of self-sabotage which had a huge impact on her business and family life. She describes herself at this point as “rich but unfulfilled” and said: “The pressure was too much - I wanted to put unstoppable Abi in a draw and shut her away whilst I disappeared into a shadow. It was a dark, dark time and it lasted a lot longer than I would ever allow myself to suffer now.”


Abigail fought back and after becoming a very successful young entrepreneur herself, she turned her attention to helping other women achieve their ambitions, co-founding the Female Success Network before setting up Authors & Co.


Available now via Amazon [https://amzn.to/2QRYQH5] Abi is hugely overwhelmed about her book’s instant success. She said: “Over the last two years I have extensively invested in my knowledge of the publishing world and this book is another way of sharing that expertise to support your book dream. Books have helped me become the woman I am today; they have been my greatest source of knowledge and my favourite sort of escape. Books have taught me that what I can imagine, I can bring to life and for that reason books are my life.”


Celebrity fans include Jenny Powell, who after reading Abi’s latest book, Jenny shared on Instagram: “With a few turned up corners and bleary eyed .. I have just finished reading Abigail’s book! It has inspired me to make that decision and write my book and knowing Abigail .. I just love the way her personality and energy are sprinkled through the pages and make it such an entertaining , inspiring and thoroughly good read. It’s not too long and not too short .. perfectly considered and a credit to the lady herself ! I cannot wait to work with her on my bestseller.”


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