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Business Pilot on Right Approach for Success

Karen helps businesses take off

Business Pilot on Right Approach for Success

"It's all about getting businesses where they need to be "
Karen Goldfinch

A leading figure in the region’s business world has launched her own consultancy “Karen Goldfinch – Your Business Pilot” to help others fly high, reach new heights and to combat the effects of COVID-19 on the region’s business community.

Karen from Whitley Bay is a founder member and current Chair of the North Tyneside Business Forum which offers business support and guidance to its members and represents more than 1500 businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Her expertise in retail and business spans 36 years and she has used her wealth of experience to help others during the pandemic. 

Professionally, she has owned retail outlets in Whitley Bay and now runs two businesses, “Made to Treasure Events”, a bespoke wedding stationery and events management company based in North Shields which she started 19 years ago and her new business consultancy, “Karen Goldfinch - Your Business Pilot,” supporting SME’s and start-ups.

“Throughout my working life, I’ve always been seen as the reassuring voice encouraging and supporting others, it seems my catchphrase is ‘we’ll get there’.  When it came to choosing a business name the idea of ‘getting there’ had to be included. “said Karen.

Your Business Pilot offers a wide range of services and support for solo, micro and small businesses at the start of their journey or further on their route needing help to get on the right path. The business model is based on the theme of an airline.

For start ups, Karen has her “Pilot Scheme” which helps prepare the groundwork for fledgling businesses about to take off and covers important aspects such as market research, finances, planning and networking. More established businesses can opt for Business Class, First Class or the Executive Lounge which all offer customised support depending on the client’s needs including target setting, merchandising, accountability and marketing advice and support. For businesses needing a gentle nudge in the right direction backed up by target setting and progress monitoring, Karen offers her AIR programme – Accountability, Ideas and Results. She is also delivering retail training courses for businesses working from home and those wanting to develop further. 

Interestingly, despite Karen working on major events and seeing clients all across the UK, she has never flown in an aircraft, a fact that she finds quite ironic. 

“The airline analogy seems to work well as everyone understands air travel and the concept of planning a journey and navigating to where you need to be. Although I’ve never flown before and have no aspirations to become a real pilot, it’s great to be able to help other businesses take off and see them cruise above their competitors.”


Photo: Karen in Business Pilot Mode at the Newcastle Flight Sim Centre (Highlights PR) 

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