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CBD Gummies and sweets - our top 5?

CBD Gummies and sweets - our top 5?

"Most say that CBD gummies taste very, very good. And thats why CBD in the form of gummies is fast becoming the most popular way to consume CBD."
Redeye Vapour

Sales of CBD oil or Canabidiol in the UK are booming. However it’s safe to say that the earthy flavour is not for everyone. Enter CBD gummies and sweets.

Most say that CBD gummies taste very, very good. And that’s why CBD in the form of gummies is fast becoming the most popular way to consume CBD.

More and more CBD gummy bears and sweets in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours are becoming available. But which are the yummiest?

Well, here are five of our favourite CBD gummies on the market in the UK right now…

Sunstate Hemp CBD Gummy Fruit Slices

With five different fruity flavours, these gummies will never cease surprising your taste buds. Refreshing and chewy, each bite hits your pallet with waves of oranges, lemons, grapes, and more.

Chill Gummies

Chill CBD infused gummies include CBD infused gummy snakes, water melon slices and rainbow bites! They are rich in CBD hemp oil while being delicious and fun to eat.

CBDfx Vegan Gummy Bears

CBDfx sells what they claim is the most natural CBD gummy bear on the market. 100% vegan, non GMO, no corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners.

Relax Gummies

Another very fun way to consume CBD. Varieties of Relax gummies include CBD infused cola bottles, gummy crocs and sour faces. Even infused Choco nuts!

Diamond CBD Sour Gummy Bears

These CBD Infused Sour Bears are the CBD oil infused edible treat that is free of THC and made from organic industrial CBD hemp oil.