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Liverpool Cab Firm Sees Boom in Earnings for Hackney Drivers

A Liverpool-based taxi firm has recorded a new level of bookings. ComCab sets out plans to become largest cab operator in the city.

Liverpool Cab Firm Sees Boom in Earnings for Hackney Drivers

"Now is the golden age of the black cab. With ComCab Lite we are asking drivers to step up and help build the fleet of choice for Liverpool residents. The demand for Hackneys has never been greater. "
Claire Langrell

One black cab firm is bouncing back from the pandemic with an increase in bookings. The uplift in new customers means that ComCab, based in Liverpool, is now busier than it was before the pandemic.

The firm has issued an urgent appeal for black cab drivers to sign up with them and not miss out on the boom in trade. Claire Langrell, sales manager for the company explains:

“Our bookings are up 60% on last year.  Drivers are loving it, not least because we are taking market share back off the out of town drivers.  Booking a local black cab supports the local economy. And since the launch of our new customer app we’ve seen a rapid increase in bookings. 

Alongside this, we’ve innovated in the market with a pay as you go model for new drivers to pick up overflow work, and there is loads of that at the moment. We urgently need to get new drivers signed up to help keep the work local, support the Liverpool economy and boost loyalty to local cabbies.”

ComCab runs a fleet of black taxis across Liverpool. Traditionally, drivers have paid a flat fee to have a taxi set in their cab and to be sent bookings. With the launch of ComCab Lite, new drivers can sign on to drive for them using their mobile phone and only pay for the jobs they accept. 

Liverpool has a high number of black cabs per capita, with about 1500 licensed vehicles operating with the city limits. Black cabs, with their purpose built design incorporating a screen between driver and passengers, have become the choice of transport for many since the pandemic. Now that restrictions are lifting, ComCab has seen a 60% increase in bookings. 

The PAYG offer to drivers means the firm has an immediate opportunity to build a fleet of cabs to rival the biggest operators. There is a limit on the number of hackney licenses the city council will issue and ComCab want as many of them on ComCab Lite as possible. Claire adds:

“Now is the golden age of the black cab. Most passengers are surprised at the negligible difference in cost compared to cars, which do not give them the same level of confidence to travel as we emerge from lockdown.

With ComCab Lite we are asking drivers to step up and help build the fleet of choice for Liverpool residents. The demand for Hackneys has never been greater. There is an opportunity here to become the largest taxi operator in the city.”

The firm say Hackney carriages are one of the safest vehicles on the road. They have a comprehensive marketing plan mapped out to support drivers in 2021.



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