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Historic Site Gains Blue Plaque Honour

Blyth Town Council recognise importance of World War One fortification

Historic Site Gains Blue Plaque Honour

"We are all delighted that our volunteers hard work has been recognised."
Colin Durward

One of Blyth’s major historical assets has been given blue plaque status by its Town Council. 

Blyth Battery is a World War One coastal artillery battery that was built in 1916 and served in both the First World War and World War 2. It is now run by volunteers as a museum and contains several features associated with a defended port battery including replica 6-inch guns, observation posts and a searchlight building. The site also contains a 1940’s family room highlighting the fashion and furniture of a typical wartime home.

Blyth Town Council have created a walking trail between each of the blue plaques and this one at Blyth Battery is the 20th to be erected on a site of historical importance in the town. Due to the battery being a listed monument, the plaque was unable to be placed on the structure, so an alternative posting was required as Chair of Blyth Battery, Colin Durwood explains. 

“We have obtained a magnificent piece of solid sandstone from Blaxter Quarry near Otterburn and placed the plaque onto that. It is great that the Town Council have recognised the historical importance of the site and we are all delighted that our volunteers hard work has been recognised.”

Blyth Town Council Mayor, Cllr Margaret Richardson was delighted to unveil the plaque. 

“We are a very proud town, and we recognise the important work that the men and women who served in the battery did to protect our port from enemies on the sea and in the air. The new plaque will remind everyone of this and I’m especially keen to help educate our young people so that our heritage can be preserved for generations to come.” 

The battery will be open for Heritage Open days this weekend from 1030am to 4pm with exhibitions, re-enactments, and live entertainment. Entry is free.


Photo shows: The unveiling party – L to R Colin Durward, Bugler Stanley Humphries, Mayor Cllr Margaret Richardson, Cllr Kath Nisbet and Cllr John Potts (Highlights PR) 


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