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Why We Love To 'Engage' With Celebrity Engagements

We've all, at some point, experienced jealousy. Some of us might have felt a particularly acute feeling of engagement envy.

Why We Love To 'Engage' With Celebrity Engagements

"A study of engagement posts on Instagram showed that two-thirds of posts analysed boosted the celeb's popularity. "
Delilah Kealy Roberts

Angelic Diamonds, a retailer of luxury engagement ring, crunched the numbers to find out the impact an engagement posts on different celebrity's Instagram success. By analysing 37 of the most high-profile engagements on Instagram, the data revealed that when it comes to celeb engagements, on the most part, we love to see it.

Engagements boost engagement

From Elle Darby to Nick Jonas, the data collected by Angelic Diamonds shows a boom in engagement (likes, saves, and comments) on Instagram posts after the announcement of a proposal. By recording the number of likes on the five posts before and after an engagement, it has been possible to see how that all-important engagement announcement – whether that be in the form of a couple pic or a twinkling diamond engagement ring – piqued the interest of each celeb's followers.

Proving to be the queen of Insta-engagements, TOWIE's Jess Wright topped the charts in terms of like increase. The five Instagram posts following her engagement post saw a whopping 539.7% increase! In seventh place, and the highest-ranked man on the list, Nick Jonas saw a 133.3% surge in likes after he announced his engagement to Priyanka Chopra.

Another Instagram page that saw engagement rates rocket after an engagement announcement was that of Elle Darby. The YouTuber's romantic proposal post led to an impressive  engagement increase of 10.65%. This proves that you don't need to be an A-list celeb to have your follower's hearts melting over a romantic pic.

Why are we so obsessed?

All this – the surge of likes and the comments of heart-eye emojis in their thousands – begs the question: why are we so obsessed with celebrity engagements? Whether it be singers shacking up or TOWIE stars taking the plunge, we just don't seem to be able to get enough. One reason for this is that these romantic celeb love stories offer an opportunity for escapism.

Whatever is going on in our day-to-day lives (and over the course of the last year, it wasn't all that much) celebrity relationships and engagements provide an excellent distraction. These posts can quickly form of entertainment that we just can't help engaging with. As Instagram offers a direct line to celebrities, it can make us feel more connected to their personal milestones, and we end up celebrating in tandem.

Whether on Instagram or not, we have long harboured a bit of an obsession with celebrity relationships. Whether someone in the spotlight has popped the question or there's been a high-profile breakup, these dramas are often the centre of group chats. Some would argue that our curiosity about celeb relationships doesn't end with interest. Instead, it's a form of admiration and aspiration. We click, share, and like celebrities' engagement posts not only because we feel happy for them, but because we want to emulate their glamourous lifestyle.


According to therapist Kathryn Smerling in an interview with Cosmopolitan, celebrity couples “seem like real-life examples of fairy tales" and that their love stories can make us believe that "love conquers all and dreams do come true”. This year, more than ever before, we all deserve a bit of romance and escapism. When we find just that on our Instagram feed, it's no surprise that we scroll for more.


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