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How To Have A Hassle Free House Clean!

Whether you can clean behind cabinets without losing jewellery or get the extra shine in on your bathtub, cleaning can be an adventure of new ideas.

How To Have A Hassle Free House Clean!

"If you want something done properly, you best do it yourself. At least, that is the opinion of the most respected cleaners"

There’s something so satisfying about a good, deep clean. Whether it’s descaling the bathtub to reveal its former porcelain glory or rejuvenating our living room carpets with the vacuum, those of us who enjoy a deep clean will have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help us through our scrubbing and dusting.


It all comes down to technique, some good tools, and a bit of know-how. Here, Miele look at five of the best tricks-of-the-trade for upping your house cleaning game. Get those dusters out!


1. Losing small things sucks!

We’ve all fallen victim to dropping earrings and small trinkets down the back of a cabinet or under the bed. While it’s a small loss, the hassle of retrieving these items is disastrously huge, from moving furniture to using spatulas to retrieve our lost goods.


However, the solution is simple — using a bagless vacuum cleaner will enable you to see and retrieve lost gems without needing to cut open a full vacuum bag. If you use a cordless vacuum cleaner, you may be able to reach the high and hard to get to places, like on top of wardrobes, and see what forgotten treasures await above. This is also great for cleaning kids’ bedrooms, where small toy pieces are likely to be ingrained into rugs and carpets.


2. Get filtering

Controlling odours and reducing germs is now easier than ever thanks to vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and charcoal filtration. HEPA is proven to remove 99.999% of dust and allergens from the air, and charcoal filters help to remove odours and keep vacuum cleaners smelling fresher – perfect for pet owners.


3. The right cleaning solutions

If you want something done properly, you best do it yourself. At least, that is the opinion of the most respected cleaners. You can make your own cleaning solution to help your kitchen or bathroom shine using ingredients you probably already have at home like bicarb and vinegar. But with a growing number of eco-friendly detergents available, you could be better off choosing something designed specifically for the job, without the risk of damage to any sensitive surfaces.



4. Raise your rug with ice

Our favourite rugs can often bear the brunt of heavy tables and furniture, making them lose their pile. It’s important to rejuvenate these rugs by raising the pile every so often to help their longevity. Luckily, this little tip should help you keep the coolest rug in your street.


As soon as you’ve vacuumed your rug, place an ice cube in the place of the carpet dent and leave it overnight. By the morning, the dents should be invisible, if maybe a little damp. It does this because the carpet acts like a sponge, slowly bloating as it absorbs water gradually. Once it's dry, it’ll look good as new. Be sure to make sure your rug can withstand getting a little wet though.


5. Love the smell of coffee

Coffee is not just useful as an energy drink; it can also absolve any unwanted smells, especially in the fridge. Don’t worry if you’re not a big mocha fan, your house won’t end up smelling like your local café. Instead, if you leave coffee granules in an enclosed space, they will absorb any smells that are lingering about. A day later, you can throw them out and enjoy the fresh air they’ve left behind. There’s only one thing more energising than a cup of joe, and that’s a clean and fresh home.


Aside from the basics, like dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting surfaces, there’s still a lot of other little things we can do to give our houses that extra-clean edge. Whether you can clean behind cabinets without losing jewellery or get the extra shine in on your bathtub, cleaning can be an adventure of new ideas. It’s all about employing a few simple ideas to make deep cleaning look effortless.


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