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Worcester revealed as the friendliest city in the UK

New report reveals that Worcester friendliest city in the UK

Worcester revealed as the friendliest city in the UK

"Worcester has been revealed as the happiest city in the UK according to a new report"
Provident unbroken Britain report

An updated report from Provident titled ‘Unbroken Britain’ has disclosed the happiest and friendliest communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As part of its biannual report Provident has surveyed 2702 Brits to find out how welcoming, friendly, polite and happy residents in each city of the UK feel their community is at present, compared to that of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months ago.

The biggest change is Belfast who were deemed as the 4th happiest city in September 2017 but have now fallen 12% meaning they are now the 8th unhappiest city in the UK!

Worcester is now the happiest city moving up from second place in September 2017

Residents were asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 on how they felt within their community - the results of which can be seen below:

Worcester named the happiest city in the UK

City Happiness (1 = not a happy area at all, 10 = very happy)

  • Worcester - 7.5
  • Wrexham - 7.44
  • Swansea - 7.4
  • Newcastle - 7.38
  • Aberystwyth - 7.24
  • York - 7.23
  • Norwich - 7.19
  • Cardiff - 7.18
  • Cambridge - 7.14
  • Plymouth - 7.14
  • Edinburgh - 7.09
  • Brighton and Hove - 7.09
  • Chelmsford - 7.08
  • Aberdeen - 7.06
  • Glasgow - 6.93
  • Southampton - 6.89
  • Oxford - 6.87
  • Sheffield - 6.83
  • Leeds - 6.78
  • Portsmouth - 6.77
  • Manchester - 6.74
  • Wolverhampton - 6.74
  • Belfast - 6.71
  • Coventry - 6.7
  • Leicester - 6.69
  • Bristol - 6.68
  • Liverpool - 6.63
  • Birmingham - 6.53
  • Glouceste - 6.5
  • London - 6.07


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