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Meet the Author of 'Amplify Your Orgasm'

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Meet the Author of 'Amplify Your Orgasm'

"Sex and orgasm are essential for ones wellbeing and ties into a persons overall happiness."
Michael Charming

Meet Michael Charming - a qualified Relationship Coach and Award Winning International Speaker and the Founder of Amplified Orgasmic Method (AOM).

He believes that sex and orgasm are essential for one’s wellbeing and ties into a person’s overall happiness.  Last year, Michael wrote Amplify Your Orgasm: A Practical Guide for Women and Men on How to Have More Orgasm and with its continued growth in popularity, it shows that he may very well be onto something. 

We all are currently finding that we have a bit more time on our hands during lockdown and spending a lot more time in close proximity to our partners... so, what a great time to delve into learning more about orgasms and relationship... 

Michael said: “Society often treats sexual education as taboo and I aim to reverse that by helping people have more orgasm and reconnect to their own sexual desires, passions and spirituality.”

"My book Amplify Your Orgasm provides a means of spreading my message about the importance of healthy human sexuality, especially orgasms, to a broader audience.”

Michael's clients have experienced transformational life changes including greater confidence, joy, and personal satisfaction, less stress, joyfulness, peace as well as whole body orgasms. 

What is Amplified Orgasm? (And Why You Need It!)

Michael said: "When I meet new people to talk about my book, I am often asked: “What is Amplified Orgasm?” The answer to that question is a long one, in fact, long enough to fill not one but two books on the subject!" - during lockdown, Michael is currently finalisiing his second book 'Amplify your Orgasm - part II'.

"Amplified Orgasm starts with recognising that the embodied experience of being a human is not simply a physical one. Our embodiment happens along at least five layers or dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Moreover, intimate sexual relations offer us a chance to connect on all of these levels. Amplified Orgasm is thus something more than climax. It is more than a purely physical release. It is also emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual."

"When we expand our understanding of sexual activities to include these other dimensions of the human experience, then we begin to understand that Amplified Orgasm is possible, and indeed desirable, to allow you and your partner to share and align yourselves more intensely, leading to deeper satisfaction and nourishing connection."

"In such states, even the quality of simple day to day life experiences begin to feel more blissful and happiness begins to emerge from the body day in day out."

"Many of us approach sex as if the climax is the goal post that marks the end of the experience.  To experience Amplified Orgasm, attention is shifted to the process of orgasmic amplification rather than any specific goal.

"In fact, when people learn to tune in to the various levels of their embodied experience, they learn to become present in the moment - many of my clients experience a sense that they are more fully experiencing their world. Their relationships, career, family, and other areas of their life are richer and fuller because they have learned to tune in to the world beyond the physical in a much better way." 

For more information and top tips please visit: https://michaelcharming.com/.