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Elopements set to soar in 2019!

Elopements set to soar in 2019!

"Interest in elopement weddings has increased 154 percent from 2017-2018 with 2019 set to see the trend increase further "
Grosvenor Casinos

A new report from Grosvenor Casinos has revealed that interest in elopement weddings has increased 154% from 2017-2018 with 2019 set to see the trend increase further. The campaign conducted social listening on online social channels, forums and comments via Linkfluence see how many people are actively sharing, talking and searching for elopement weddings online.

September and November 2018 were the most popular months for people talking about their elopements which had changed from the previous year in which June and July were the most popular.

60% of engaged couples now consider eloping which is unsurprising as recent data reveals the average price of a wedding in the UK is now a staggering £30,355 according to BrideBook.co.uk.

Grosvenor Casinos as part of their ‘Vegas in numbers’ campaign (an iconic destination for eloping) has revealed the top 15 global eloping destinations and ranked them based on analysing multiple factors such as:

o   Number of engaged couples looking to elope to said area

o   Number of weddings per year

o   Number of social posts about “eloping”

Combined and weighted, Grosvenor Casino produced an overall index score (out of ten) for each destination. So which destination came out on top?

California revealed as the top destination for a 'runaway' wedding

Known for its cliff-lined beaches, warm weather and laid back nature, it’s clear to see why “the golden coast” is topping the Wedding elopement index.

Couples looking to elope scored California a 6 out of 10 in the survey, making it unsurprising that 247,016 couples tied the knot there in 2018.

California also ranked highly in the social analysis, with over 580 UK couples tweeting and Instagramming their elopements on social media.

Las Vegas, known for its lavish casinos, neon lights and white chapels came second in the overall rankings.

In the past year alone, 672 UK residents Instagrammed their Vegas elopements, which sees 204 weddings per day. That’s more weddings per day than entire countries, including Austria, Greece and Belgium

To see the full dataset please visit https://www.grosvenorcasinos.com/vegas-in-numbers