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Legal Business News - Time and time again, businesses have shown that those who have a diverse workforce perform the best. So why are so many companies in the UK far from achieving an inclusive and diverse workforce Research has found that 1.5 of senior management roles in business are held by Black employees. In fact, there has been little change, with there being only 1.5 per cent of Black people in senior roles in 2014.

These Successful UK Industries Are Failing Racial Inclusivity

Legal Business News - A 2018 Deloitte Survey which analysed 10,455 millennials, born between 1983 and 1994, from 36 countries across the globe, found that 43 per cent of people didn t plan to stay in their job beyond the two-year mark the job-hopping generation.

The Right Way to Leave a Job

Legal Business News - A new dealmaking boutique that integrates legal, finance and conflict resolution services has been established in the City of London.

New dealmaking firm integrates legal, finance and dispute resolution services

Legal Business News - The process of adoption is no walk in the park, with many wondering what our rights are when wanting to adopt. Those who are in civil partnerships and are looking to expand their family will have numerous unanswered questions on their mind regarding the process. In 2005, the Adoption and Children Act came into effect.

Married With Kids Adopting in Civil Partnerships

Legal Business News - A new survey by Co-op Legal Services has revealed that almost one in two London residents 46 are living without a will, meaning they risk losing control over their assets ...

New survey reveals majority of Londoners are confused about estate planning

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