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Health Business News - The pandemic has proved a difficult time for young people. Recent research from the Education Endowment Foundation has found that lockdown impacted children s language and speech, setting them back in their learning. Most concerningly, the pandemic has had a profound effect on children s mental health.

Colour schemes and mental health

Health Business News - Around 15 per cent of couples are affected by infertility, an unfortunate statistic. Often women are the ones faced with societal pressure and burdened with a ticking biological clock. However, the focus of fertility is appearing to shift towards men.

Should Men be Concerned About Fertility?

The UKs Most Private Cities

By Johnny H

Nov 25 2020 02:34PM

Health Business News - With World Mental Health Day still fresh in our minds, it s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on our daily lives, especially when it comes to mental health. Routines have been disrupted, working from home has left people isolated, and the ability to go abroad to destress has been limited.

The UKs Most Private Cities

Health Business News - Dietary supplements are a sizeable economic sector. The global market size was estimated at 98.54 billion last year, with a growth of 8.2 per cent forecasted by 2027. As citizens, we re inundated with messages about our health , and that is hopefully having an impact on lifestyles.

The Right Vitamins for Your Lifestyle?

Health Business News - With plenty in the news about blood clots, the European Union has approved the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine after pausing the rollout, so it is safe to receive. Any medication that goes into circulation is subject to rigorous testing no corners are cut, no matter how urgent the need.

Huge rise in searches for blood clot information

Health Business News - In recently published findings, research by the National Institute for Health Research NIHR has shown a significant reduction in cancer incidents and mortality rates in people that cycle to work.

Cancer Rates Reduced by Cycling to Work

Health Business News - Technology has impacted every area of our lives, but arguably none more than healthcare. Thanks to advancements in diagnoses and treatments, we re living longer, healthier lives. One technology in particular that has revolutionised healthcare is artificial intelligence AI .

The Biggest Recent AI Advancements in Healthcare

Health Business News - Did you know that 61 of employed adults state that money is the factor that causes them the most stress A number of studies have demonstrated the cyclical link between financial worries and mental health problems. It really can be a vicious cycle. Financial problems could adversely impact mental health.

How to deal with financial stress in 2021.

Health Business News - During these difficult times, it is essential to focus on longer term rational strategies which will sustain a business. Not only does this make good business sense, but this will ensure the longevity of a business s most important asset it s people.

 Employee engagement during a pandemic

Health Business News - During my career I have worked alongside some extremely successful people. To everyone in the room they ooze confidence in their own abilities, in their decisions, in their direction and the vision they share. But, of course, behind closed doors things are rarely what they seem.

Why confidence matters a crowdsourced advisory piece

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