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Local Actress and Well-loved Leeds Presenter Launches New Initiative to Show Other Woman They are Not Alone

Local Actress and Well-loved Leeds Presenter Launches New Initiative to Show Other Woman They are Not Alone

"Talking about my anxiety is not something I have ever chosen to publicly disclose until recently at our women wellness event..."

This month sees the launch of a new initiative from Leeds actress and presenter Natalie Anderson, best known for her role as Alicia Metcalfe in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, as part of her mission to support and empower women across the region, and beyond, through sharing the everyday struggles she battles of being a stressed out working mum, along with those of her co-presenters, and her special guests.   


‘In conversation with’ is a new podcast created by Natalie, through her lifestyle brand, The Capsule by Natalie Anderson. She has launched the podcast as an extension of her business, after a successful eventin September showed her the power of women supporting women, and alsoillustrated to her the importance of well known faces opening up about their own struggles. 


The event was the first time Natalie opened up abouther own anxiety, choosing to do so, to show other women, especially other working mums, that she is no supermum, and that in fact she has battles of herown on a daily basis. As someone looked to as ‘having it all’ Natalie felt compelled to share her story about her anxiety and her journey with her own wellbeing and self care in a bid to get the conversation on the table about mental health and the importance of focusing on wellbeing, in the ever demanding 24/7 world we live in. 


Originally a fashion & beauty blog where Natalie could share recommendations and her latest finds with her friends and followers, Natalie was inspired to change direction with The Capsule after struggling insilence with her own anxiety for many years.


She said: “Talking about my anxiety is not something I have ever chosen to publicly disclose until recently at our women wellness event. I felt it necessary to give my reasons for why certain topics or products were so important to my own personal wellbeing in the hope that they could be of benefit to someone else experiencing the same. The website gives me a platform to share therapies, articles and products that help women feel better about themselves and The Capsule live events (which will be a big focusfor us next year) allows me to physically bring women together to let them knowthey are not alone in the fight against anxiety and mental health issues.Through a variety of different mediums, our online content, podcast and live events my aim is to empower women and help them feel connected and not isolatedand confident in their own skin." 


In Episode 1 Natalie launched the podcast ‘In Conversation with Natasha Hamilton’ on 1st December. In this episode Natalie and the team discuss Natasha’s career transition from entertainer to entrepreneur with the launch of her beauty business and Natasha takes us through whatmotivated her to re train in beauty, opening up about her own struggle with prenatal and post natal depression. She talks overcoming her own limiting beliefsand how she wants to empower other women to not be afraid to take control oftheir own lives. You can view it at https://youtu.be/ZzhkwfJ9KD0 or listen via iTunes and Spotify.


Episode 2 features the incredible legendary writer of TV & stage, Kay Mellor where she discusses reworking the 90's iconic TV series 'Band Of Gold' for the stage, writing for women and how to obtain the work/life balance. You can view this episode at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnbZfBdBUfc or listen via iTunes and Spotify.


This week for Episode 3, The Capsule editorial team talk all about the hit musical ‘Kinky Boots’, life after Coronation St, touring and taking toddlers mountaineering with actress Paula Lane. You can view this episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=bFFOnTBlnSk&feature=emb_logo

Natalie chats Fashion, Beauty, Business & Wellbeing with The Capsule editorial team, fellow Yorkshire businesswomen and working mums, Anna Mewes(Fashion Editor & Personal Stylist) & Lyndsey Thomas (GirlAbout Founder & Travel Industry Expert) plus some very special guests. 


Natalie added: “I am so excited by what we are doingwith the Podcast and have already had some amazing feedback of people lovingthe ‘real’ talk. I am so grateful to the team who I present with as ourcombined experience and different takes on life make it hugely varied and diverse.We record each session for YouTube as well as in audio format for the Podcastso the audience also has the chance to become a viewer as well as a listener,bringing a different dimension to the chats, and people feel like they arejoining us in the studio, and are more a part of the chats. We have someamazing guests coming up and I’m really inspired by each and every one of them”. 


Future episodes coming up feature other well loved names including; Nicola Elliot Moss, NEOM Founder Sophie Austin, Gaynor Faye and CatherineTyldesley.


The Capsule was founded in 2016 after many years of Natalie picking up the phone to her friends with her latest finds. www.thecapsule.co.uk was created as a platform for Natalie to share her genuine recommendations in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. Since its conception, it has evolved into a brand that activelyadvocates a balanced lifestyle featuring articles on Wellbeing, Mental Healthand Self Care alongside its original content of Fashion and Beauty. Today The Capsule retains its purpose as Natalie’s little box of recommendations for ahealthy, balanced lifestyle.