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Cheryl takes to the skies again for Oake Meadows care home

A plucky mum is completing a skydive for a second time, after raising more than £2,400 for a dementia charity last year.

Cheryl takes to the skies again for Oake Meadows care home

"My previous sky dive was amazing and terrifying,"
Cheryl Clavey

A plucky mum is completing a skydive for a second time, after raising more than £2,400 for a dementia charity last year.

Cheryl Clavey admitted to being terrified of heights when she decided to jump from a plane at 10,000 feet last year, but she is doing it again – and this time aims to raise at least £200 for Oake Meadows care home in Wyvern Road, Taunton.

The care home looks after her dad, Cedric Lewis, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about eight years ago.

“My previous sky dive was amazing and terrifying,” said Cheryl.

“I wanted to highlight dementia as a worthy cause to as many people as possible, as it’s affected our lives so much. This time I am not raising money for any organisation as I have paid privately – but anything I raise will go to Oake Meadows Care Home.”

Cheryl says her dad will be at the forefront of her mind when she bravely jumps from the plane.

“This jump is all about my dad as a focus,” she said.

“His health has deteriorated, and I want to show him a picture of me jumping for him to see on a DVD or in pictures. Oake Meadows Care Home has gone above and beyond for my dad with his complex dementia.

“The staff care so much and do such an outstanding job - especially through the tough Covid crisis.”

The staff at Oake Meadows Care Home, which is part of Larchwood Care, provide lots of activities both inside the home and outside for residents.

Cheryl says her dad has been “amazingly well cared for” at Oake Meadows for years now and wants to see him and his friends from the home benefit directly from any money she raises.

She hopes the care home will be able to use the funds raised to do something nice with all the people who live at the home.

She said: “I would love to see a picture of my dad enjoying live music like he always did! He loved socialising with live music and ran the Watchet music festival bar for years; It’s still named after him!”

Cheryl says she is almost more nervous about jumping out of a plane again than she was the first time - as she knows what to expect!

However, she believes having the opportunity to do a skydive for a second time, at Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell, makes it more special.

“I want to enjoy the experience more this time but I’m still very scared!” she says.

“I know what to expect, but I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

“I know it’s been a difficult year, but if anyone would like to sponsor us any amount it would be very grateful received – and yes, I think I’m mad!”

Katrina Ball, home manager at Oake Meadows, said: “Last year we supported Cheryl with her incredible fundraising skydive for dementia. Inspired by her dad, and with the help of local residents she raised over £2,400.

“We're honoured that Cheryl has thought of our residents with her latest challenge and would encourage people to please support her fundraising adventure if you can!”

The Skydive, which will see Cheryl jump with her husband and two of her children as well as eight friends, will take place on Saturday 26th June and you can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/f/family-skydive-for-dad-cedric-s-care-home.

Oake Meadows is registered to care for 105 people and provides invaluable day and respite care for a variety of residents, including those living with dementia.

Part of Larchwood Care, it is currently managed by Healthcare Management Solutions and is rated ‘Good’ by the CQC.

Across the Larchwood portfolio, the regulator ratings reflect the exceptionally high standards of care given and the drive of every team member to continually improve the care they give.


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