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Celeb Speaker Coach and Big Brother Star Come Together On Online Networking Day

I didn't let Self Sabotage Stop Me from Succeeding in Business - Global Celeb Speaker Coach And Big Brothers Nikki Grahame Come Together To Empower Women This Online Networking Day

Celeb Speaker Coach and Big Brother Star Come Together On Online Networking Day

"My inner-voicechimp often screeches WHO IS SHE!?! in the voice of Big Brother Legend Nikki Grahame! "
Dani Wallace

• Woman to Woman chat about Imposter Syndrome on ‘Online TV Show’ encouraging others to face their fears
• Social media campaign to encourage other women to share their voice online with confidence #WhoIsShe & #IAM
• 12 hour online networking event showcasing over 100 women with small businesses

A Lancashire-based Entrepreneur who says ‘The Internet Changed My Life’ celebrates International Internet Day and Online Networking Day on 29th October with a day full of online activity to encourage and empower other women to show up with confidence online.

Mum of three, Dani Wallace, 36 from Preston who has overcome homelessness, domestic violence and years of self-sabotage to become an International speaker, coach and professional singer changed her life when she sort help online from domestic violence charities, and started to tap into personal development and the growing community of female entrepreneurs doing business on the internet. Having launched her ‘I am The Queen Bee Movement’ just over a year ago she is now a six figure business owner, whose business has grown in Covid, thanks to being able to work online.

She is kicking off the day launching her book, ‘I am The Queen Bee, How I overcame self-sabotage to #FLYANYWAY and how you can too’ on Amazon, and as part of the celebrations is interviewing Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame, on her online TV show’ The Show Up Rise Up Wise Up Show’ via https://www.facebook.com/thequeenbeedani.  Nikki is featured in Dani’s book with her famous ‘Who IS She?!’ rant featuring as ‘the Imposter syndrome voice in her head’ and the power of the internet sees the two powerhouses come together to chat all things self-sabotage, to help inspire others who are holding themselves back.

Dani explains: “Some people have never heard of imposter syndrome - a feeling of crippling self-doubt. It’s the voice in your head that questions your moves and your potential and can hold you back from seizing opportunities. Imposter Syndrome is so real and I even know what mine sounds like. My inner-voice/chimp often screeches “WHO IS SHE!?!” in the voice of Big Brother Legend Nikki Grahame! Whenever I attempt something that I know is going to have me level up or is going to reach more people than I have done previously, she rears her head, vehemently calling me out. She rocks up in my mind's eye, full tantrum, wild-eyed, yelling as loud as she can, 'Who IS she?!!? Who IS this person thinking she can roll up and share her stuff like it's going to magically help someone?!?!? I know that by me listening to this inner tantrum helps no one - and I'm determined that it ain't going to hold me back! So, every time my inner Nikki starts to have a tantrum, I am now able to declare and remind myself that 'I am Dani Wallace - the queen bee - who has overcome self-sabotage and continues to fly anyway!'"

“It is an utter joy and honour to be able to come face to face with my Imposter Syndrome voice – as I interview Nikki Grahame on Thursday, I will also thank her for all of the inspiration she has given and together we hope to spread some positivity and motivation on International Internet Day and National Online Networking day!”

Following the interview the two women will be putting a call out across social media for women to challenge their own ‘#Who IS She?!’ Voice encouraging them to share an empowered statement of ‘#IAM’ in response, in a bid to see the internet full of positive voices on World Internet Day.

Dani will then host 12 hours of online networking activity, showcasing over 100 women within her online community, who are all small business owners, and giving as part of her commitment to also help others rise up, and giving away £tensofthousands worth of prizes to help other women in business succeed.

She said: “The business climate currently is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. During these incredibly difficult times we have all been navigating, many of us have been forced into finding new ways of interacting online and also setting up our business online.  As someone very active in the online business space, I wanted to do something to mark International Internet Day and Online Networking Day  (Thursday 29th October) and talk about the power of collaborating online at a time when many of us are feeling isolated, lonely and worried about stepping out and reaching our full potential and therefore self-sabotaging our own success.

“Now more than ever, internet access has been a lifeline for many and never has connecting and collaborating online been so important.”  

“For me, the Internet has literally helped me to change my life.

• Helped me Seek Support for Domestic Violence
• Enabled me to get my message out to a global network and set up my own empowering online community of women
• Gave me a reason to get out of bed in a morning during lockdown to host my daily morning show – over 100 episodes
• Allowed me to continue working through lockdown when all my gigs and live events were cancelled
• Enabled me to raise over £16K for domestic violence charities by hosting an online chat-a-thon during lockdown starring celebrities such as; Six-time Olympian Tessa Sanderson, Nicole Jacobs, the UK's first Domestic Abuse Commissioner, BBC Eastenders' Toby- Alexander Smith, This Morning's Dr Ranj and TV psychologist Emma Kenny, Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton and TV's Jenny Powell…to name just a few…”

For more information or to join in with the celebrations please visit https://www.facebook.com/thequeenbeedani


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