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Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment Launches in the UK

A revolutionary hair regrowth therapy that treats the signs of male pattern baldness, hair loss in women, alopecia, and androgenetic causes of hair loss is now available to clinic and salon owners in the UK.

Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment Launches in the UK

"This product is the culmination of 15 years of research, when inventor, Dr. Shome stumbled upon potential causes of hair fall while working on a drug for ocular & neural cancers."
Bob Melville

- Over 25,000 successful patients treated 

- Five x 15-minute treatments using dermal rolling technology 


QR 678® Neo – a revolutionary hair regrowth therapy that treats the signs of male pattern baldness, hair loss in women, alopecia, and androgenetic causes of hair loss – is now available to clinic and salon owners in the UK. 

The product was invented by Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor and is being launched and distributed by Acre Aesthetics LTD, part of CST Group of Companies, a leading UK pharmaceutical company established in 2001 and a key industry supplier to major pharmacy groups and NHS Trusts in England and Wales. 

The FDA approved and patented product contains peptides (synergistic biomimetic peptides) and the treatment compromises of derma rolling and then applying the product to the scalp. It offers over a 90% success rate, surpassing those of the popular PRP treatment, as well as it being a non-surgical option with prices starting from around a fifth of the cost of a hair transplant.  

Bob Melville, director of Acre Aesthetics Ltd, said: “This product is the culmination of 15 years of research, when inventor, Dr. Shome stumbled upon potential causes of hair fall while working on a drug for ocular & neural cancers. We feel very proud to be a part of this latest stage of the product’s timeline with launching it to the UK market.  

“The product’s ingredients are unrivalled in their quality and safety and the clinical trials speak for themselves.” 

More than 25,000 patients have already received the treatment worldwide, with a cited 92% success rate and multiple clinical trials undertaken with published results in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy and Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.  

Bob added: “Both women and men can suffer with hair thinning or loss for multiple reasons from genetic factors to hormone imbalances and even more recently - long covid. Numbers of those looking for treatment options are growing year-on-year.  

“In short, this product is set to be game changer for the market.  

“It not only offers patients a very safe, but cost-effective treatment option, but one they will see results from in as a little as 12 weeks, with no side effects, and no downtime needed. Other options available are invasive to both the body and the bank account. QR 678 is around a fifth of the price of a hair transplant to the patient and can be done in a lunch break! 

“No training is required to most adopters of the treatment due to the simplicity of its nature and it’s doable in a 15-30-minute appointment slot - making it a no brainer to clinic and salon owners, especially in the run up to the new year.” 

Dr Debraj Shome, an internationally accredited and award-winning cosmetic surgeon who led a team, including Dr Rinky Kapoor, to invent QR 678, commented on the UK launch: “Launching the product to the UK market has always been a milestone in our timeline for the product and we couldn’t have a picked a more perfect company to do this with. Acre understands the market and the end user.  

“After global success, we hope the UK market sees the uniqueness of the product and buys into the simplicity of the treatment journey.  

“Now is the right time to launch the product, with hair loss being even more topical due to more recent recognised symptoms of long covid coming into play. We’ve taken time to not only develop the product but also ensure it comes with a catalogue of clinical studies with irrefutable results to assure patient confidence.  

“Hair fall is a sensitive issue for both, men and women. We hope that local clinics and salons buy into the affordable and quick treatment, opening the door to treat the masses.” 

QR 678 is facilitated by derma roller with 1ml of solution administered in five to eight sessions spaced two-three weeks apart. Each session should take only 15 minutes and each product comes with five sessions per vile and a derma roller.  

Suggested price point for the patient’s QR 678 treatment is around £1,000 for a course of five treatments.  

Bob ended: “We look forward to engaging with clinic and salon owners up and down the country in the coming days and weeks, with a consumer marketing push planned ahead of Christmas and the New Year.” 


Interested parties can contact Acre Aesthetics by www.qr678.co.uk  




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