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Cheshire Manufacturer Takes The Guesswork Out Of Weight Loss

Cheshire Manufacturer Takes The Guesswork Out Of Weight Loss


A Cheshire manufacturer has created the world's first portable calorimeter that will enable people to calculate the exact amount of calories they need to lose, maintain or gain weight.

GEM Nutrition Ltd, based at Daresbury Innovation Centre, worked with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to invent Blue, the world’s first portable calorimeter (http://www.yourinneryou.co.uk/) that is able to calculate the exact amount of calories any individual needs in order to lose, maintain or increase their weight.

MAS, a service offered by the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, worked with Gem Nutrition to fund the creation of the Blue instrument prototype that provides a personal set of measurements for each client. This data is then used to work out exactly how many calories people need to lose or gain weight. Blue will be trialled in a number of health clubs and gyms from January 2014 to enable trainers and nutritionists ensure that their clients are eating and exercising correctly to reach their health and fitness goals.

For decades it was assumed that men need approximately 2500 calories and women 2000 calories a day to function. But these estimates are based on Mr and Mrs Average, irrespective of height, weight or health issues. Using a ten-minute test, the Blue instrument measures the daily resting metabolic rate, or RMR, by measuring the oxygen in a person’s breath as they rest and breathe in and out (RMR is the number of calories a body needs simply to rest and to keep vital organs functioning). From the RMR produced by Blue it is then possible to calculate an individual’s daily total energy expenditure (TEE), which is based on the actual number of calories burnt by people going about their daily routine.  

Gem Nutrition MD Austen Bradley says: “For years people have devised their diet and exercise plans on figures based on average calculations. But diets don’t work because they treat everyone the same and everyone is different with unique calorie requirements and metabolic rates.  What Blue gives us for the first time is an incredibly accurate way to measure both and to work out the best eating and fitness plan to complement them.

“MAS worked closely with us to get the prototype designed and manufactured and into gyms and fitness centres and we are now setting up leasing agreements with health businesses across the UK.”

MAS Advisor Nick Brandwood said: “Blue is a unique product that has already been warmly received in the initial trial sessions and we were very excited to have been involved in its development. It has huge potential in the consumer fitness market as well as for elite athletes and sportspeople who need to maintain their fitness. For example if they don’t take in enough calories to meet the demands of their training schedule, their bodies will begin to burn their reserves of muscle as well as fat.

“We are also looking forward to supporting the company in other areas including market research as the product is rolled out across the country.”

MAS advisors work with manufacturing SMEs at strategic and operational levels to create business and manufacturing strategies. They can help companies develop a culture of innovation, generate new product ideas and market opportunities, as well as working to reduce waste and maximise profitability internally and within their supply chains.  There are five key levels of support available from MAS advisors:

1.     FREE HELPDESK AND RESEARCH SERVICE - A quick query service with experts who can answer questions on a wide range of technical issues and who can assist with researching your problem. Call 0845 658 9600 or email advice@mymas.org

2.     FREE MANUFACTURING REVIEW available to SME MANUFACTURERS – an experienced Manufacturing Advisor will carry out a hands-on assessment and diagnostic of a business that will highlight areas of opportunity or actions to improve operational performance. All initial advice relating to this is also free of charge.

3.     EVENTS - Training and networking events to help improve awareness and skills related to manufacturing issues and best practice.

4.     SUBSIDISED CONSULTANCY SUPPORT FOR SMEs - MAS can provide up to 50%* of the cost of an expert to help improve your business. MAS is able to consider funding projects that look at virtually any aspect of your business from products, processes, systems and people to supply chains and markets. *Terms & conditions apply

5.     SIGNPOSTING AND REFERRAL - For non-manufacturing queries, such as human resources, finance, legal or environmental issues, MAS works closely with a range of organisations to ensure manufacturers have access to a full range of business support services.

For further information about MAS support please visit www.mymas.org or follow @mas_works on twitter.