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Kapucia Wellbeing Centre Launch Their Spa Day For The Soul

Kapucia Wellbeing Centre Launch Their Spa Day For The Soul


Nothing to do… nowhere to go… nobody to be…

Longing for a bit of peace? Kapucia, the sanctuary within the city, is introducing the spa day with a difference to Liverpool. This spa day will focus on not just the body, but pampering and soothing the soul too, offering some well-deserved YOU time. From yoga classes to sound baths, massage to meditation, Kapucia are offering the chance to unplug from distraction, break from life’s many responsibilities and learn transformational skills during a day of relaxing classes and educational seminars. The first ever Spa Day for the Soul takes place on Saturday 2nd July.


Find out exactly what the schedule will be for this peaceful and refreshing day below:


Yoga Class

The physical and mental benefits of yoga are endless, so no spa day would be complete without a great class. Gentle, Hatha Yoga will be followed by nurturing Yin Yoga, melting away tension and leaving you feeling soothed, grounded and clear.

Seminar – Law of Attraction

In this seminar, we will explore the philosophy of ‘like attracts like’ – the belief that positive thoughts will increase positive experiences in life. Expert life coach Gill Fell will lead an empowering seminar, exploring the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how it can work for you. Be ready to attract positivity into your life!

Crystal Healing

Discover how to perform crystal therapy at home with Kapucia’s interactive crystal-healing workshop. You’ll learn how to absorb crystals to remove blockages and feel lighter in this fascinating and unique class.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

We’re firm believers in getting enough sleep, and guided meditation is one of our favourite ways to unwind and drift off! You’ll be guided through a restful Yoga Nidra Meditation (Yogic Sleep) for some well-earned slumber.

Nutrition seminar and demonstration

Thought about going vegan/raw but didn’t know where to begin? The Spa Day for the Soul will include an educational nutrition talk so that you can learn everything you need to know in order to kick-start a healthy plant based, whole food lifestyle. Discover how raw super foods can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle, and learn the benefits of conscious living, appreciating where and how our food arrives to our plate.

Seminar- How to raise your vibration

If you’ve been feeling low or uninspired, this seminar will fix that for you! Source awakening practitioner, Sarah McBride will discuss how the combination of physical health, thoughts, emotions and beliefs can impact your energy. In this enlightening seminar, you’ll discover how to raise positive vibrations to change your life for the better.

Sound Bath

This session really is a treat for the soul! Close your eyes and listen intently as you are whisked away on journey with sound, experiencing relaxation from various healing musical instruments. Sound baths are the perfect way to switch off from distractions and let yourself truly relax.


It really wouldn’t be a spa day without a therapeutic treatment, would it? Included in your visit will be a 10-minute treatment in Kapucia’s Lotus Room. Here, you can pamper your body naturally through a comforting, Indian Ayurvedic treatment or a balancing Reiki session.


Book your place here: https://kapucia.com/events/spa-day-soul-3/


Date: Saturday 2nd July 
Time: 10:00-18:00pm

Kapucia 27 Lord St,Liverpool, L2 9SA

Capacity: 20
Price: £85