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Geniene helping people to use power of the subconscious to change their life

1000 guests gather for two-day seminar in Liverpool

Geniene helping people to use power of the subconscious to change their life

"I havent seen an audience of people stand and listen for an hour like that, maybe ever! Nobody had their phone out, nobody was recording or taking videos, everyone was engaged. It was inspirational."
Charlotte Tait

A holistic trailblazer from Liverpool attracted more than a thousand guests at seminars held in the city this week aimed at helping people to use the power of their subconscious to change their life.


Geniene Azalea Reese hosted two Law of Attraction seminars (made popular by films like The Secret) with a captivated audience listening to how the subconscious mind allows experiences and focus to come into people’s lives through meditation, positive psychology, quantum physics and shadow work.


She said: “The sole purpose of the event which was aimed at a diverse audience was to share esoteric knowledge on how to spot synchronicities, overcome limiting beliefs and, how to start to use meditation to become more mindful of self-sabotaging thoughts.


“I recently completed writing a course on the subject which has now been incorporated into my online school Sass and Self Help. Given the feedback from the thousand plus guests attending my seminars this week, I’m really excited about being able to help so many more people transform their lives. The whole week has left me feeling overwhelmed!”








Health Business News - A pioneering project helping companies and organisations with knife awareness has delivered its biggest project to date. Take A Stance put together by Pain Point Coach wellness entrepreneur John Bullock recently hosted a unique workshop on being knife aware to an enthralled audience at The Forshaw Group in Knowsley.

Take A Stance delivers for The Forshaw Group

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