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Celebrity Skincare Favourite, The 'Oxyfacial', Lands in Liverpool

Celebrity Skincare Favourite, The 'Oxyfacial', Lands in Liverpool


More and more women are turning to non-surgical solutions for their skin worries. Whether it’s to tackle aging, or to improve the appearance of dull skin, many beauty consumers are steering away from costly, invasive surgery and turning to innovative technologies such as OXYjet. An OXYjet facial offers the advantage of instant results, and no recovery time needed, making it ideal for customers who want to see better skin straight away.

Now, thanks to beautician Emma Elliott, Liverpool women can experience this unique facial treatment. Leading the way in revolutionary skincare, Emma Elliott is the only practitioner in the North West who offers this in-demand treatment, and she is already receiving fantastic feedback from her clients.

Emma says: ‘I first heard of OXYJet in Vogue and Cosmopolitan, as the 'Best Kept Celebrity Secret'. I read articles featuring Hollywood stars raving about this treatment, as it is the no-needle alternative to Botox and fillers.  I instantly wanted to try OXYjet after all of the amazing reviews, and tried to find a local salon who offered this treatment, but nowhere in the North West did. I instantly saw an opportunity for me to bring it here to Liverpool. I contacted OXYjet UK, sampled a treatment, and was amazed by the results!’

So how does it work? The practitioner first examines your skin requirements, and then designs a combination of active ingredient concentrates that are tailor made to your needs. These concentrates are then applied to problem zones on the face, and deeply ‘shot’ into the skin via pulsed oxygen pressure.

There are a large variety of treatments available, depending on what your skin needs:
·         OXYclear: Concentrated Oxygen and Bio Blue light cleanse the skin deep into the pores.
·         OXYdiamond: Concentrated oxygen and diamond peel heads in different corn sizes remove cornifications, and stimulate the skin.
·         OXYjet: The pulsed oxygen pressure injection transports active ingredients deep into the skin- without needles.
·         OXYtone: The unique oxygen polyrotation head stimulates the face muscles, and visibly lifts the face contours.
·         OXYspray: The gentle breeze of oxygen moisturizes and vitalises the skin, and leaves it smooth and refreshed.
·         CRYO₂: The combination of concentrated oxygen and tingly fresh coldness tightens immediately, and acts like a contour lifting.
·         BIO₂ Light: Special wavelengths of coloured lights and pure oxygen regenerate and vitalize the skin.

The gentle and safe nature of this treatment makes it ideal for people of all ages and skin types, and helps to resolve a range of problems such as; sun damage, acne, sagging, premature aging, scarring, and even cellulite.  After the treatment, your skin begins to boost collagen production, causing plumping of the tissue and smoothing out skin. To continue this process, Emma Elliott recommends several Nora Bode after-care products for maximum results. These include the ‘Absolute Effects’ range, and ‘Beauty-Tox’, both containing a cocktail of active ingredients with proven effectiveness. The ‘Intact’ range of aftercare provides natural lipofilling for more volume and youthful appearance.

The North West’s premier OXYjet provider, Emma Elliott, is a highly trained and knowledgeable professional, who holds a diploma in Remedial Massage. She is also fully qualified as a Semi-Permanent Make-Up Technician.
Emma explains her passion for this exciting beauty venture:
‘I took the opportunity to set up my business earlier this year, after being made redundant from my sales role as an Account Manager. As I had just completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage, which covered all aspects of Anatomy and Physiology, I was able to purchase a machine and start training with OXYjet. Being from Liverpool, I know how glamorous this city is, and how much the people pride themselves on their appearance. I knew straight away that this was the business I wanted to go into.’

 It’s not just Emma Elliott who is passionate about the Oxyfacial; a whole variety of celebrities have confirmed their love for this non-invasive and effective treatment, including Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian. A firm favourite with the stars, OXYjet is set to takeover Liverpool’s beauty scene as the best way to get great-looking skin.

Follow @EmmaElliottPMU on Twitter to find out more.


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