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Two men who defeated all odds host entrepreneurial summit for veterans

Anthony Wright and Joe O'Connor will share their insights from near death experiences to help veterans to realise their true entrepreneurial potential at a summit in Runcorn on 30th November.

Two men who defeated all odds host entrepreneurial summit for veterans

"I bring a unique insight into neuroplasticity showing that what we think is critical in how our reality plays out. It's really important to me that I can translate my experience to help others."
Anthony Wright

Anthony’s remarkable journey to overcome multiple brain tumours resonated with Joe, who recovered from breaking his neck while on selection for UK’s Special Forces and was told he would never walk again.

Both men have come back from the brink and will share their determination, vision and incredible resilience with an audience of veterans with an interest in starting or developing a business venture.

Anthony was treated for an apparent sinus condition back in 2005 which turned about to be a misdiagnosed brain tumour. He became so vigilant in researching his condition that he identified a rare brain disorder called hydrocephalus which almost led him to go blind. After three complex operations he was left with a collapsed face on one side and went on to sustain brain damage rendering him spoken dyslexic.

With unrelenting determination, Anthony has rehabilitated himself physically, mentally and emotionally and has joined forces with Joe to draw on their experiences to help others.

As founder of charity Transformation for Veterans, Joe has a real affinity for those who have served in the forces and faced great adversity. A fully qualified professional financial adviser and trainer in neuro linguistic programming, Joe has an innate love of life, having made conscious decisions at critical junctures not to accept what fate delivered, but to dig deep and return to full health.

Joe and Anthony will deliver a full programme of transformational learning at the Elite Veteran Entrepreneurs’ Summit at The Heath Business and Technical Park. This will combine their respective understanding of neuroplasticity, mindset and inner resilience to unlock transformational insight and enable attendees to maximise their potential both in business and life.

Commenting on the event, Anthony said: “Having written a book on my understanding of the brain and its capacity to evolve, I bring a unique insight underpinned by lived experience to show that what we think is absolutely critical in how our reality plays out. It’s really important to me that I can translate my experience to something that will help others and bring fresh insight.”

Joe added: “Having overcome paralysis to defy medical diagnoses and thrive, I see that pivotal moments offer us the opportunity to make critical choices that can vastly affect the way we live our lives. This is expanded on in The AWOL Journal, a step by step guide to success I have written that is soon-to-be released.

“Our summit in November is a prime opportunity for veterans in business to understand how this can resonate with them and enable them to unlock their true potential.”

For more information regarding the event, visit: https://thetransformer.co.uk/eliteentrepreneurssummit/