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Leading Biotech Firm Expands Team, Offices and Signs International Distribution

Virustatic Ltd. the pioneering biotech firm behind the innovative Virustatic Shield face covering, has expanded and opened an additional base in the North West, more than doubled its expert team and has agreed distribution deals in strategically important market sectors and countries globally.

Leading Biotech Firm Expands Team, Offices and Signs International Distribution

"Alderley Parks Mereside Life Science Campus was a natural fit for our team which includes world-leading biochemists, scientists, virologists and inventors. "
Nick Smith

Thanks to unprecedented demand for its innovative antiviral face coverings, which are coated in a natural Viruferrin™ protein coating that uniquely blocks, captures and disables respiratory viruses on contact including SARS-CoV-2, the business has experienced exponential growth. It has now set up and established a further base in the North West at one of the region’s leading science and technology hubs in Alderley Park, as well as welcoming a further six experts to its 15-strong team and agreed deals with established distributors in Oceania, America, Africa, Asia and Europe. 

“We have been based at Menai Science Parc on Anglesey, but understandably during the pandemic we’ve seen a period of rapid organic expansion and as such we needed to not only bolster our team but find a further base. We are very proud that the product has been researched, developed and manufactured in Britain. Furthermore, it only felt right to return to where the journey began over a decade ago here in the North West,” said Nick Smith, managing director. 

“Alderley Park’s Mereside Life Science Campus was a natural fit for our team which includes world-leading biochemists, scientists, virologists and inventors. Alderley has renowned bioscience research facilities which will be utilised by our research and product development teams and is a thriving hub of pioneering innovation.”

The Virustatic Shield face covering has been a product in development for over a decade and launched back in March this year. Over one million of the unique face coverings have been worn by individuals, families, businesses and employees across the world to protect themselves and others during the pandemic. 

Nick continued: “The Virustatic Shield is a unique product. Unlike other face coverings, its snood-like design has an antiviral Viruferrin™ coating which is backed by more than ten years of research. And it has been shown in the lab to be 99% effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 

“Since the launch, we have not only sold the product to consumers, but we have been working with numerous businesses across the world to protect their work forces. We are now working with leading brands in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, retail, construction, travel and the service sector to name only a few.

“We have also exported the Virustatic Shield to distributors internationally ensuring we are protecting as many people as possible during this pandemic and beyond. The research, development and manufacturing of the product will remain in Britain. We are very proud of our British roots” 

The Virustatic Shield face covering is the first product of many incorporating patented technology.  The organisation has invested significantly and will continue to invest in research, development and next-generation products. 

Nick ended: “The Virustatic Shield face covering is the first of many patents from Virustatic Ltd, which unites a global team of scientific partners and facilities with one aim to combat a real and growing threat from the spread of infections. With our R&D drive at the moment, we are now looking to further expand our team with us actively hiring an additional five positions in the coming weeks.”

Kath Mackay, Managing Director, Bruntwood SciTech - Alderley Park, said: “Virustatic Shield is a perfect fit for Alderley Park - we’re proud to have so many companies, with such a skilled talent pool, working to combat the global pandemic. I’m really excited to welcome the team to Alderley Park and see what’s next for them as they continue on their journey of rapid growth”   

The business is an accredited supplier with the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) as well as holding Made in Britain status. The product also holds ISO 18184 quality certification and is manufactured under stringent ISO conditions.  


The Virustatic Shield face coverings are available at virustaticshield.com  (RRP £20). 


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