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Founder of Gritty People Help Others Set 'Self Protect Filter'

Award-winning high challenge coach, Kay Woodburn to host free 'Setting a Self Protection Filter' webinars to help others take care of their mental health amidst this outbreak, and stay mentally strong.

Founder of Gritty People Help Others Set 'Self Protect Filter'

"None of us can really predict the real impact of Corona but you can predict YOUR response to it."
Kay Woodburn, Founder of Gritty People


Kay Woodburn, 37, from Cheshire, is the Founder of Gritty People, she is an award-winning high challenge coach and NLP Practitioner who works with; individuals at work, competitive athletes, and entrepreneurs master their mindsets.


Last week, she hosted a hugely successful ‘Setting a Self Protection Filter’ webinar that has been viewed by hundreds. Kay received tons of feedback from viewers, explaining how much her talk had helped and so Kay has decided to share her advice and top tips even more widely, helping others set a self protect filter and take care of thier mental health amidst this outbreak, and stay mentally strong.


Kay said; “This virus has hit the entire world by surprise and it could be argued that it's sent it into a real spin! None of us can really predict the real impact of Corona but you can predict YOUR response to it. As a practitioner of NLP and a firm believer that we can protect ourselves from toxic behaviour, events and news, I have decided to host a number of FREE online events - Setting a Self Protection Filter.”


Each of these FREE webinars will be limited to 8 places to ensure the service is bespoke. To find out more please visit - https://www.facebook.com/Grittypeople1/ - Kay said; “Through these webinars I will help you set a self protect filter, to help you take care of your mental health amidst this outbreak, and stay mentally strong.”


NLP began it's life with John Grinder & Richard Bandler in the 1970's. Kay said; “I originally qualified 10 years ago and utilise these patterns daily with myself, family and clients. I retrained on all new codes of NLP again with John directly last year. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, it's the practice of coding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. NLP provides us with a methodology to model the behaviour you want. It is a powerful and effective change in mindset so we disrupt the current mental map, expanding it so you can be resourceful in a changing world.”


Kay’s absolute passion is to support others to become the best version of themselves and a big part of this is working out their emotional triggers, as once these are identified she can start her work on re-programming their mindset and inputting a new emotional response so they can be in the most resourceful state for any given situation. 


Kay continues; “As NLP coaches, we set filters into our subconscious mind, these filters are established to protect us mentally from clients with severe illness and heavy emotional loads which means we are able to work effectively in disaster zones. It means we can have a relationship with these people without absorbing any un-resourceful energy into our own behaviours."

“If you know any NHS workers, this could be very helpful for them or anyone who is struggling with stress and anxiety of self-isolation and fear of the virus.”

“This is my way of giving back. The Gritty Mindset is available to everyone and there are many NLP techniques that I can help activate within you to get you through tough times.”



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