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Cheshire mum cycles into cannabis start-up

Synerva CBD Oils, based in Bramhall, is the brain-child of mum-of-two Clare Hales, 42, who is now seeing her business idea become a thriving reality.

Cheshire mum cycles into cannabis start-up

"I knew when I had seen the life-changing abilities of the oils first-hand I needed to share our story and help other people see the benefits too."
Clare Hales

From her husband’s intensive care bedside, a Cheshire mum founded her legal cannabis e-commerce business and is now aiming to drive quality, safety and traceability across the industry.

Clare, previously a Key Account Manager at Kraft Foods, wanted to return to work after her time away to raise her young family, but always wanted to do something she was truly passionate about and CBD oils is now just that.

After a cycling accident that left Clare’s husband Jason, also 42, with critical injuries including a broken back, she turned to cannabidiol (CBD oil) to change his recovery prognosis and the results launched a new business venture for the whole family. 

“For some time, my brother Neil had been showing and telling us both about the benefits and life-changing properties of CBD oil, we had both given it a bit of a brush-off until the accident. Jason finally asked me to bring him some CBD oil and to give it a try as he was slowly recovering from the operation, we were both fairly skeptical, but the outcomes were mind-blowing and resulted in a life-changing few weeks for us all.”

Jason hails his recovery and the fact he is now back cycling over two hundred miles a week again down to his use of CBD oils.

He said: “I owe my recovery to cannabidiol. It was the game-changer that turned my initial gloomy prognosis into a much brighter one. I was told I would never cycle again, but now less than 2 years later, I am back on my bike like the accident never happened. Both Clare and I knew we’d stumbled across something very special and she began to launch the business from my bedside!”

Clare said: “I knew when I had seen the life-changing abilities of the oils first-hand I needed to share our story and help other people see the benefits too. I also wanted to make sure in launching the company that we assisted in the safety of the industry and help push towards more regulation.”

CBD oil is legal in the UK, due to it not containing THC (The part of the cannabis plant that makes you high). However, it is only legal currently as a food supplement and businesses cannot make any medicinal claims.

Clare continued: “I am determined to help change the face of the industry. I want people to realise that I am a very normal mum-of-two, I am clearly no drug dealer, and by no means do the products we sell get anyone high. What we do offer is products that are safe and of real quality, and I advise anyone keen to purchase CBD oil that they do so from a reputable supplier or business.

“As the popularity of CBD Oil grows, so does the number of rogue traders. I am very passionate about being known as a seller where all our products have laboratory analysis reports and come with full traceability from seed to bottle.

“Business is definitely booming. From our CBD Gum Drops to our ever-growing range of oils, body balm and massage oils, we can’t get our orders out of the door quick enough! All our oils are sourced from the largest vertically integrated hemp farm in the USA and we are passionate about ensuring our customers get the very best products on the market.”

Since officially launching, the business is self-funded and is run out of Clare and Jason’s home-office in Bramhall.

Jason ended: “I can’t thank the power of CBD oil enough and I really am excited to see what the future holds for our family business.”