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Physiotherapist Urges Home Workers to Reach Out

Recent research completed by Nuffield Health has shown that 70% of British people working from home are now experiencing additional skeletal or muscular pain.

Physiotherapist Urges Home Workers to Reach Out

"If youre suffering from extended periods of pain or increased levels of pain please reach out for further support, as taking high doses of painkillers may not be an effective long-term solution."
Physiotherapy manager, Andrew Swinburne

The physiotherapy team at Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital are urging people to seek holistic help, as 13% of those experiencing heightened levels of pain are using higher doses of painkillers as a temporary fix.

The strain of home working is being felt in five main areas; the back, neck, shoulders, legs and joints. Many of these pains could be a direct result of home workstation set-up and the length of time people are spending at them. Almost half of those working from home (45%) stated they were at their alternative workstation longer than they normally would be at their usual place of employment.

Physiotherapy has been used as an effective treatment for various pains, sports injuries, trauma and illnesses. The team at Newcastle use various techniques, including manual therapy and exercise prescription to help people recover.

Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital’s physiotherapy manager, Andrew Swinburne, said: “It’s great that people are still able to work from home but as a result many are staying seated all day. If you are working from home, I’d encourage you to keep an eye on your posture, how comfortable you feel throughout the day, and to move away from your makeshift desk every 30 minutes or so in order to increase blood flow and stretch muscles.

“If you’re suffering from extended periods of pain or increased levels of pain please reach out for further support, as taking high doses of painkillers may not be an effective long-term solution. I also fear that many who’re experiencing pain will return to the gym, having had such a long break from exercise, and inflict further damage. Please be cautious and ease yourself back in so you don’t overdo it.”

Stacey Brunton, sales and services manager, at Nuffield Health Newcastle added: “We’d like to reassure people who may need our help, but may not feel comfortable visiting our site, that many of our physiotherapy sessions can be completed virtually.”

“We can still see people for face-to-face sessions; due to our effective safety measures the site has remained Covid-19-free. We have social distancing measures in place, all of our staff have PPE, and we’re checking the temperature of everyone who visits us.”

To find out more about Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital and physiotherapy visit: https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/physiotherapy/newcastle.


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