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Gosforth Care Home Set To Support Nine-Year-Olds Captain Tom 100 Challenge

The Manor House Gosforth is taking part in an exciting Captain Tom 100 challenge being organised by an enterprising nine-year old.

Gosforth Care Home Set To Support Nine-Year-Olds Captain Tom 100 Challenge

"As a family we are learning new things every day through this project but theres are two really important things treating people with dementia with love and respect"
Deborah Bryson

Heather Bryson, who lives with Dad Gary and Mum Deborah in Kirkintilloch, Scotland aims to have 100 care homes across the world taking part in a live social media exercise class on June 11th.


With aspirations to be the Joe Wicks for the older generation, Heather has hit the headlines with her desire to engage with older people, particularly those with dementia, through exercise.


She has already signed up a number of care homes in the UK, US, India, New Zealand and Australia and will be holding three classes on her You Tube channel to cater for the different time zones – 7am, 4pm and 7pm.


Staff and residents at The Manor House Gosforth are planning to take part in the chair-based classes, which Heather has designed with expert help.  Mum and Dad have also learnt new skills to support Heather; Deborah managing social media and emailing care homes to get involved and Gary filming and editing the sessions.


Heather lost her grandmother to Covid-19 and struggled with lockdown, but the project has given her a new lease of life with Deborah describing her as ‘a mini whirlwind of energy’.


Suzanne Mason, home manager at The Manor House Gosforth, said: “As soon as I heard from Deborah, I knew this was something we had to get involved with in.  Heather is a fantastic girl who is determined to learn more about older people, dementia and bridging the generation gap.


“Our residents will love the online class and will undoubtedly fall in love with Heather.  I’d encourage other homes to contact Deborah and join us on 11th June and have a lot of fun!”


Deborah Bryson said: “Gary and I are so proud of Heather and everything she is achieving.  Lockdowns and the loss of her grandmother really hit her hard, but we’ve now got our bright and bubbly daughter back and she’s also making a real difference to the lives of people in care homes or caring at home for a loved one.


“As a family we are learning new things every day through this project but there’s are two really important things; treating people with dementia with love and respect and Captain Tom’s mantra that there is always hope and tomorrow will be better.”






CONTACT: Caroline Walker on 01325 363436


Pic caption:  Heather Bryson


Notes to editors:


Ian Watson is founder, owner and Chairman of Hadrian Healthcare Group which he first established in 1995.


Hadrian Healthcare provides residential care for elderly people in five-star, luxury accommodation. The company aims to ensure each resident receives the highest standard of individualised care.



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