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Staffordshire-based Empowerment Coach Releases Book to Support Single Mums

The Single Mama's Guide to Pregnancy How to Navigate Solo Pregnancy Feeling Supported, Empowered and Calm

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Staffordshire-based Empowerment Coach Releases Book to Support Single Mums

"Let's raise conscious, compassionate, and confident tiny humans."
Gabriella Sofia Buxton

Gabriella Sofia Buxton, 29, who lives in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, is celebrating this week, having become a global bestselling author on Amazon book charts after the release of her debut book ‘The Single Mama’s Guide to Pregnancy: How To Navigate Solo Pregnancy Feeling Supported, Empowered and Calm’ became a bestseller within hours of its release flying straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in categories; Parenting: Morals and Responsibilities and also Parenting: Emotions and Feelings.


Fierce Female Gabriella is a Single Mama Empowerment Coach and Yoga Studio Owner, who was driven to write this book during lockdown, sharing her experiences, knowledge and support to other single mums who have unexpectedly found themselves simultaneously single and pregnant.  


This bare-all book reveals Gabriella own unexpected pregnancy and her journey to motherhood, which has seen her overcome many challenges and Gabriella’s book is her gift to pregnant mums bringing: realities, resources, tools, and insights to help other single mums who feel isolated, particularly during Covid. Topics covered include; healing mummy guilt, igniting intuition, rallying your tribe, self-care, self-healing, bodies and birth plans, facing the future… all provided to help motivate single mums to be the best mama they can be “to raise conscious, compassionate, and confident tiny humans.”


Gabriella starts her story by recalling the moment she felt utterly alone; “It was 3am and I was standing on the sidewalk outside our Italian AirBnB, single, pregnant and crying my heart out. My boyfriend had just left me in a foreign country, because I wanted to talk about the option of keeping the unexpected baby that had been growing in my tummy for almost four weeks. It felt like I was looking down on myself from above, watching us hug and cry, hearing him tell me that he loved me but couldn’t cope with the situation… I could see him getting into the taxi and speeding off into the night. And me, left behind, feeling the lowest I had ever felt, broken and alone, in shock, dumbfounded. ‘Did that really just happen?’ How had this become my life?”


After weeks of agonising heart-ache, anxiety, lots of opinions, considering options… Gabriella realised that she needed to ‘try it on’ – ““My name is Gabriella, I am 28 years old, I own a successful yoga studio and I have a little baby,” I said, my hands shaking. I just needed to ‘try it on’ and see how it felt… A mother….. SO I’M HAVING A BABY!” – and in February 2019, Gabriella gave birth to her beloved little boy, Walter.


Having navigated solo pregnancy and single mamahood herself, Single Mama Empowerment Coach, Gabriella is on a mission to help and support thousands of new single mums build resilience through pregnancy to help increase the chances of stronger post natal mental health as many mental health challenges come from being mentally unprepared for childbirth – which can often lead to difficult labour - and the first few weeks as a mum – which can lead to PND - as they have very practical things to worry about such as the logistics and finances of having a child as a single parent. 


Many pregnant singles mums are also dealing with feelings of shame at the relationship breakdown, trauma and heartache so they are not in a place to bond with baby as they are still healing themselves. Gabriella said: “There is a lot of mess that just doesn’t get spoken about when it comes to singledom in pregnancy… Experiencing depression during pregnancy, feeling like abortion might be our only option, or needing to bolster our self-esteem as expectant mamas following years of abuse are just a few of the topics which are pretty much entirely avoided in pregnancy books, yet all-too-often they are a huge part of the story for Single (soon-to-be) Mamas. I was passionate that this book needed to be for single women.


Gabriella continues; “The whole point of this book is to shine a light on some of the rubbish sides of being single and pregnant, so that we can clear the fear, the doubt, and the traumas attached to our families not quite working out the way we’d expected or hoped they would. When we clear all of that, we can enjoy our pregnancies as the sacred rites of passage that they are, we can bond with our babies free of resentment, guilt and shame, and we can raise them in happy, healthy, loving homes. This way, these beloved and conscious kids will grow to be compassionate and inspirational forward-thinkers themselves.”


“Motherhood is a blessed experience… Do you realise that as mothers, we have the opportunity to shape the world around us? What sort of future would you like to inspire your children to create while you lead by example?”


Gabriella is a trained yoga teacher, holistic coach and empowering pregnancy coach who is on a mission to help thousands of women from across the globe via her book, podcast and peer-support online community ‘Single Mamas Shine’ which is an empowering movement of women warriors, healing through connection, community, and celebration, supporting one another in stepping into our power as fierce females and growing alongside their gorgeous little ones!


Gabriella said: “Giving birth can be scary enough. Giving birth during the pandemic can be even scarier. Given our current pandemic and lockdown restrictions - single parents and pregnant women right now are more isolated than ever – this brings with it a big risk to their mental health. For new single mums there is no let up, and without the usual support systems in place they could easily slip through the net. They are also missing out on the social support from meeting friends for a cuppa or going to baby classes -often the saving grace for new mums.”


With the immediate overnight success the book has already had, it’s clear to see that the book is needed and it has already been well received by many across the globe. To purchase a copy of the book please visit  Kindle edition https://amzn.to/344QyCp


Gabriella said: “I am delighted that this has become a best seller and hope that it helps readers across the world to navigate solo pregnancy and feel supported, empowered and calm.  My biggest message to all single pregnant mamas to be or new single mamas is ‘Mama, we got this!’ - I don’t know where you are right now on your own journey. It may be a good day, where you feel empowered, and alive, and burning with excitement. Or it might be a bad day, where you can’t get out of bed, don’t want to shower, and are wondering if you have lost your mind. I have had them both, and you probably will too! But let me tell you, mama, you’ve got this. And on the days when it feels like you haven’t, I’ve got you.”


To coincide with the launch of her book release, Gabriella will be launching a free 5 day challenge called ‘The Breakup Bootcamp’ - focused on healing, and empowering newly single mums or mums-to-be via her Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/singlemamasshine


The book has been published with the support of the award winning team at Authors &Co, who work to showcase and celebrate empowering stories of women. Authors&Co have already changed the lives of many entrepreneurs from around the world, having helped 200+ globally to become best-selling authors, whilst reaching millions of readers worldwide.   


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