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Lowestoft woman on track for 13st weight loss with help from local health club

A member of the Bannatyne health club in Lowestoft has almost halved her original body weight of 23st, with a goal of being a 10st bride next year.

Lowestoft woman on track for 13st weight loss with help from local health club

"My experience at Bannatyne has been like no other. "
Rhiannan Moynan,

Teaching assistant Rhiannan Moynan, 26, started her weight loss journey in 2013 but with her wedding date looming in May 2020, a big push was necessary for the perfect day.

Rhiannan said: “I have been overweight for the majority of my life; I was 16 stone when I was 16 years old! When I moved in with my fiancé, Dan, it was like jumping in at the deep end, I had no job, money was tight, and I didn’t have any friends and the weight piled on.”

At her heaviest, Rhiannan’s diet frequently included multiple bags of crisps, chocolates and sweets, greasy takeaways and very few fruits and vegetables.

“I tried all kinds of incentives to lose weight and nothing helped, but with a higher chance of potential health risks, I knew I had to do something to help myself.”

Rhiannan joined Bannatyne Lowestoft in a bid to improve her health, after finding walking to the local shop two minutes away was a struggle.

After winning 12 weeks of complimentary personal training sessions in the club, Rhiannan threw herself into fitness and lost 15 inches all over her body. Armed with her newfound love for the gym and training tips from her personal trainer, Kurt, Rhiannan began to see the weight falling off.

Rhiannan continued: “My experience at Bannatyne has been like no other. As soon as you walk through the doors, the staff are there to greet you with a smile and genuinely care about you and your health.

“I now take four gym classes a week and I’m able to walk much further than before, miles instead of minutes! I feel a lot healthier and will never take for granted what it’s like to be able to breathe normally. I’ve also taken up running with my friends, with the goal of doing a 5k one day – watch this space!

“My diet has become healthier too, as I’ve ditched the takeaways and crisps, and joined Slimming World. I was delighted to be named its Woman of the Year 2019 and working towards their goals has helped me immensely.”

Christian Malcolm, general manager at Bannatyne Lowestoft, said: “Watching Rhiannan’s fitness journey has been incredible. She has shown such determination from day one and I’m confident she will get to her goal weight of ten stones in time to tie the knot with her partner.”