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Celsium smart wearable thermometer launches

Designed to be 10x more accurate than standard thermometers, Celsium takes body temperature measurements every four seconds and links seamlessly to an app via Bluetooth.

Celsium smart wearable thermometer launches

"Celsium is simple, constant and accurate. It is useful for individuals and families as it allows you to monitor body temperature accurately in real-time, from your smartphone."
Andy Mahoney

A new smart thermometer is launching which promises up to 10x more accurate measurements. Celsium is a medical grade wearable thermometer that links to an app, taking automatic readings every four seconds and instantly alerting the user when temperature rises. 

Eight years in development, Celsium measures true body temperature, not just skin temperature, which is impacted by surroundings and can be a misleading measurement. Trusted by doctors and now available on the consumer market, Celsium is a medical grade device that uses a small sensor attached under the armpit to link to an app via Bluetooth for simple, accurate temperature monitoring. 

One of just a handful of clinically validated consumer thermometers, Celsium can be used for the whole family. It retails at 70 pounds, is guaranteed for 12 months and is available to buy now from Celsium.com.  

Behind Celsium is Andy Mahoney, founder and CEO, who set out to develop the world’s most accurate wearable thermometer when trying to conceive his first child. Quickly realising that not only was it hard to measure temperature at all hours of the night and day, it was also clumsy and often not accurate, he drew on his 15 years' healthcare background to develop a smart, accurate temperature monitoring platform. 

Andy Mahoney commented: “Growing up in a medical household and having worked in healthcare, when my wife and I couldn’t find an accurate thermometer despite buying numerous devices, I took up the challenge to develop one myself. When I scratched the surface I was amazed to find that measuring temperature is still based on methods devised 300 years ago! 

“Celsium is simple, constant and accurate. It’s useful for individuals and families as it allows you to monitor body temperature accurately in real-time, from your smartphone, and it’s non-invasive. I believe body temperature is massively under utilised largely due to the poor products we have to work with. Temperature is central to the way our bodies function is such an important signal, with the right solution I firmly believe temperature will be the key to accurate diagnoses in the future."



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