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Exceptionally Kind, Compassionate and Caring Community Services Rated Outstanding by CQC

Exceptionally Kind, Compassionate and Caring Community Services Rated Outstanding by CQC

"Our team always go the extra mile to enrich the lives of our clients and their families."
John Godden, CEO of Salutem Healthcare

A supported living facility in Cambridge, providing personal care to younger adults, has been praised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following its latest inspection by an independent inspector.

Supported living is provided to people who still live in their own homes but require additional support with activities, including household tasks, personal care and any other activity that allows them to maintain both their independence and quality of life.

A CQC report judges a care facility on its levels of care, responsiveness, safety, effectiveness, and leadership and includes comments from social workers, healthcare professionals, staff and relatives.

Following a recent inspection Ambito Community Service in Cambridge, has been rated overall ‘outstanding’. A ‘good’ rating was awarded for the service being recognised as safe and effective with an ‘outstanding’ rating being applied for the service being caring, responsive and well-led

At the time of the inspection the service was providing personal care to four adults who have complex needs related to their learning and physical disabilities.

Each person has their own flat, receives 24-hour, one-to-one support and has a second bedroom for staff use. People with extremely complex needs are supported to lead a full and meaningful life.

Although unable to communicate with the inspector using words, it was obvious that people were happy, had excellent, warm, caring relationships with staff and were enjoying life.

A relative said: "We're very lucky to have got the service we have. I wish there were more services like this.

Another told the inspector how impressed they were by the way staff who were totally engaged in supporting their family member.

They said: "When we pick our family member up and when we leave them, there is a quiet and peaceful mood…and a member of staff who is focussing on [name] not on us."

An external professional wrote: "It almost feels like staff here have the ability to leave their own lives at the door and completely focus on the individual they are supporting."

The inspector found that staff were: “Exceptionally, kind, compassionate and caring. They provided fully personalised support to each individual that focussed solely on that person, to make sure each person lived the life they wanted to live.

“All staff completely understood how to support people's privacy, dignity and independence.”

One member of staff explained that: “When we’re out in the community, we have a heightened awareness of everything going on around us and how that might affect the person.

“We have strategies in place to take the person out of situations that might distress them.

“For example, if a bus was getting crowded, which a person might not enjoy, we discuss with the person about getting off the bus early to ensure that the person's dignity is not compromised.”

The inspector observed that: “Exceptional results had been achieved by and for each person, demonstrating how responsive the service was to each person's needs.

“One person, who had struggled to go out into the community had set a goal of going to a local town on the train. After months of work, the person achieved this with a group of friends.”

The inspector noted that: “The registered manager used creative and innovative ways to engage people, staff and relatives to feel involved in the running of the service.

“Everyone was encouraged to give feedback on all aspects of running the service. People had monthly meetings with their keyworkers and participated in staff interviews.”

Staff had team meetings and team-building days during which they played games and worked as a team to win prizes.”

Alexander Shears, the service team leader said: “We are delighted to have received an overall ‘outstanding; CQC award.

“We are very happy to know that the inspector has recognised the creative work and innovative talents of the team at Ambito Community Services Cambridgeshire and the part we play in helping our clients to lead fulfilling lives.”

John Godden, CEO of Salutem Healthcare, said: “I am thrilled with this fantastic CQC report. It is testament to the commitment of the team at Ambito Community Services Cambridgeshire in providing the highest standards of care.

 “Our team always go the extra mile to enrich the lives of our clients and their families.”

Ambito Community Services Cambridgeshire, is part of Salutem Healthcare and is a supported living service that provides personal care to younger adults.