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Three Fitness Myths dispelled by Cheshire Personal Trainer

Three Fitness Myths dispelled by Cheshire Personal Trainer


Fitness myth 1 - I can just tone my muscles

More often than not I hear clients say, "I just want to tone." But that's the wrong way to look at it.

You can only lose fat.

Your muscles are already toned or you wouldn't be able to move around.

They're just not visible because of the layer of fat covering them.

First and foremost, look at your diet. Then target the trouble areas, and incorporate intense weight training, about 85%, muscle capacity.

Fitness myth 2 - Women need different exercises than men

Despite what the relationship books say, when it comes to fitness, men and women are from the same planet.

Both sexes have the same body structure but different hormonal make-ups.

This may mean a difference in muscle strength but does not mean they should work out any differently.

Men tend to focus on abs, chest and arms, and women tend to focus on gluts and legs.

They're each forgetting one half of their bodies.

Fitness myth 3 - You should always stretch before exercising

Stretching is something many people just do because they feel they should or someone told them to.

The conventional wisdom is that stretching elongates the muscle and helps prevent injury. This way of thinking is now outdated.

Conversely, stretching before a workout will weaken the muscle by 30%, and the reduced tension may increase the risk of injury.

Do warm up by walking before cardio or doing light weights before intense training, and do stretch after a workout.