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Wrap and roll - why are traditional wraps more unhealthy than you think?

Channel 4's Food Unwrapped shocked the nation by uncovering that wraps were more fattening than two slices of white bread. We look at why commercial wraps are unhealthier than you may think

Wrap and roll - why are traditional wraps more unhealthy than you think?

"At Zinda Foods, we questioned the use of trans fats, palm oils, industrial additives and other preservatives we find in most tortillas. We believe, they are unnecessary"
Anishya Kumar

Channel 4's recent Food Unwrapped show looked at our lunchtime habits and made some discoveries about lunchtime eating that might shock you. This was especially true of the lunchtime wrap. Presenter Kate Quilton and expert baker Dan Lepard looked at why tortillas have 265 calories in the base alone, compared to182 calories in two slices of white bread. Our perception is that supermarket wraps are healthier than white bread sandwiches.  "Essentially you want the wrap to roll" said baker Dan Lepard, when asked why 8 tablespoons of fat go into each wrap. "You want it twist around things so you get this lovely curve in the dough."  The fat makes the wrap pliable and the show agreed that even with all of that fat, it was still a handy construction for lunchtime fillings.

But that's not all. What Food Unwrapped didn't go on to show is what else is in a standard tortilla wrap. Although we saw when Dan Lepard made his wraps on the show that only five ingredients are really needed to make a wrap. However, if you look at most tortilla wraps in supermarkets, the list of ingredients is much higher than five. 

We found that most industrially processed tortilla wraps sold in supermarkets contain parabens, preservatives (E numbers) like calcium propionate (which has many unhealthy side effects) and Humectant or Glycerol (animal or vegetable oil, corn syrup, petroleum), the source of which is usually not revealed on the label. 

At Zinda Foods, we questioned the use of all of these industrial additives and other preservatives we find in most tortillas. We believe, they are unnecessary. And to prove that a natural alternative could be commercially produced we took on this challenge with our hand-made AirWraps. Why would you choose a carrier that's full of industrial additives, high on salt, trans fats and processed to last for months and months? 

Our AirWraps start with an age-old traditional and natural recipe that our parents, grandparents and their families used before us. Over the months of our research we came up with a unique technique to turn that traditional wrap base into something we could produce commercially BUT with no compromise on taste. In doing that we found that trans fats, palm oil and additives weren't needed. The result was a fresh tasting but pliable wrap for our delicious fillings. 

Just 5 simple ingredients make up our AirWrap base - wheat flour, sunflower oil, sugar, salt and water.  The stage was set for your next visit to a Tesco supermarket for lunch. You now have a choice when buying filled wraps: 

1)    A Tortilla filled wrap that contains trans fats, palm oil and industrial preservatives, or

2)    An AirWrap, with NO Trans Fats, NO Palm Oil and NO preservatives, filled with delicious ingredients

Perhaps it's time to rethink your wrap at lunchtime and make that more natural choice. A natural wrap base for a more natural lunch.

The Zinda AirWrap can now be found in around 70 Tesco Metro, Tesco Express and Tesco Extra Stores across London. Discover where on this store locator.