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First ever World Food Safety Day raised awareness of food's impact on health

7th June 2019 marked the first ever World Food Safety Day, the founder of Zinda Foods welcomed the initiative and discusses the importance of full quality control to her business

First ever World Food Safety Day raised awareness of food's impact on health

"We never outsource the making of our AirWraps. This gives us maximum control of our ingredients and a better handle on the people who make our AirWraps. "
Anishya Kumar

Last year The United Nations General Assembly declared 7 June the first ever World Food Safety Day, in a December 2018 resolution. 

The first ever World Food Safety Day (WFSD) was celebrated on 7 June 2019 to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development.

For this year’s World Food Safety Day, the participating organizations highlighted that everyone involved in food systems has a part to play.  Food safety is of paramount importance to Zinda Foods. The company has always beleived that the devil is in the detail and they never out-source the making of their AirWraps.  Founder and CEO Anishya Kumar said "This gives us maximum control of our ingredients and a better handle on the people who make our AirWraps

Many new and even established food companies give their recipes to large factories to make, but Anishya explains why she made this decision to not out-source "The soft option was to get a sandwich manufacturer to make the fillings and put them in our AirWrap base. But I would have lost control of all of the ingredients that went into it. It hadn’t been an easy road to get to where I had got and I didn’t want to hand it over. I wanted to streamline the systems myself

"Our never-seen-in-the-UK AirWraps enjoy a special trademark - made from a unique combination of ingredients and an equally special technique required to make them. All our sauces share equal protection, made in-house by our expert chefs, exclusively for our unique fillings. We've always considered our end consumer as the focus of our products. And a quality product requires a quality process." 

She continued "Our bespoke facilities have been purpose built and are BRC compliant. They are conveniently located in West Drayton, North West London which gives us easy access to all major hubs and motorways and a quicker turn-around time from order to delivery."

She outlined the challenges behind managing food safety. "It’s a huge learning process and each day comes with a different challenge in manufacturing. It’s right from sourcing the raw materials to managing every stage of the production process until the finished product. Our production process has been streamlined over the months, so that efficiency, productivity and capactiy gets better and better."

You can find the Zinda AirWraps in selected Tesco stores in London



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