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Ayurvedic food & lifestyle 2019 trend actually reveals ancient ways

Maharishi Ayurveda experiencing high demand for products following Ayurvedic trend

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Ayurvedic food & lifestyle 2019 trend actually reveals ancient ways

"Ayurvedic recipes contain all the goodness and immune-boosting ingredients you could ever want from your food whilst being extremely tasty to eat."
Chris Davies

The Ayurvedic food & lifestyle 2019 trend currenly being talked about by glossies actually reveals ancient ways of eating and living going back 5000 years and heralds from India.

Trends recently have been more about raw foods and cold juices being the way to go when it comes to looking after ourselves.

"However, Ayurvedic knowledge tell us that we need warm, nourishing food in winter...cooked food stokes our digestive fire" says Chris Davies of Maharishi Ayurveda.

From the Sanskrit word Agni, digestive fire is the energy needed to break down your food, assimilate what's useful and eliminate what's not. Eating cooked food strengthens your Agni. You're reducing digestive stress, absorbing more nutrients and removing unwanted toxins.

Then there is the Ayurveda phenomenon of eating for your bodily type - Dosha.

Understanding your Dosha or constitution increases your chances of success in eating the Ayurvedic way.
There are 3 Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha and you need to find which one you best resonate with. Typically, Vata’s are energetic and inspired with ideas. Pitta’s are precise and determined. Kapha’s are loyal, strong, resilient and determined.

Physique determines your Dosha too. Typically, Vata types have sensitive digestion and need to eat at consistent times. Pitta’s are more prone to acid digestion while Kapha types are more susceptible to weight gain.

Find out which Dosha you are here https://www.mapi.com/doshas/dosha-test/index.html

Chris added: "Ayurvedic recipes contain all the goodness and immune-boosting ingredients you could ever want from your food whilst being extremely tasty to eat."

Try these Warm Salted Caramel Brownie Slices*...lovingly prepared the Ayurvedic way. 



Brownie layer
*1 cup shredded coconut *3 tbsp raw cacao powder
*3 tbsp coconut oil *1 cup pecans *1/2 cup oats
*2 cups pitted dates

Caramel Layer:
*2 cups pitted dates (soak in boiling water for 10 mins)
*2 tbsp coconut yogurt
*small handful crushed pecans
*1 tsp sea salt flakes

*To make the brownie later simply blend all ingredients until well combined and the dates/pecans are blitzed up.
Press into a rectangle dish lined with baking paper. *To make the caramel topping blend the dates with the water they have just soaked in and the coconut yogurt.
Top the brownie layer with the caramel and the crushed pecans and sprinkle with a little sea salt.
Allow to set in freezer overnight and cut into slices.
Warm through gently in the oven to taste.

Thank you BalanceWithTiff.


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