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Danbro Help Their Staff Get Their Five A Day By Growing Trees In Africa

Danbro Help Their Staff Get Their Five A Day By Growing Trees In Africa


Money may not grow on trees – but Blackpool-based Danbro Accountancy Solutions is growing trees in Africa.

Helping Danbro staff get their ‘five a day’ free on site led to 150 fruit trees being planted in Malawi in the first three months of this year alone. The partnership with London-based Fruitful Office literally bears fruit for the firm which looks after the finances of 6500 contractors across the UK.

There are 140 staff on site in Danbro’s units on Whitehills Business Park and every fruit basket or delivered equals a fruit tree in Malawi since Danbro teamed up with Fruitful Office and Ripple Africa.

Fiona Hally, Head of New Business Operations for Danbro, explains: “Danbro’s Director of People and Standards Helen Broughton asked me to obtain quotes for regular fruit deliveries to the office for staff. I’d never come across this benefit in any company I have worked for previously – and it encourages healthy eating!

“In partnership with Ripple Africa and Fruitful Office Danbro have now helped to plant more than 150 trees. The project’s values are very close to our own – of giving something back.

“The programme helps to tackle deforestation in Africa and the resulting impact on global warming. It also provides the means and know-how to develop small businesses in poor, rural communities in Malawi. Trees and  fruit will be sold to local individuals and small semi-commercial growers/traders.
“The fruit is fresh, delicious and we are helping a country that needs our help - what more could we ask for! ”

To date 729,868 trees have been planted, 69,797 in the first three months of this year alone. They are mostly guava and papaya trees as these grow quickly and provide abundant fruit. To see just what it means watch a short video here: http://youtu.be/77OdNof7BBA . It features LiwawaFruitClub which set up its first orchard in 2008 after receiving its first fruit tree seedlings with help from Fruitful Office. 

The orchard now has tangerine, orange, guava, avocado pears and mango trees. In a few months’ time the local community will eat the first oranges and guavas which they have grown themselves.
To learn more visit: http://www.fruitfuloffice.co.uk/planting-fruit-trees-in-africa

For further information about Danbro’s range of services and solutions for freelancers and contractors please visit: www.danbro.co.uk.