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Bakery creates a new cake to celebrate all things apple.

To do our bit to celebrate UK apples this Autumn Ginger Bakers have created a brand-new cake made with English eating apples.

Bakery creates a new cake to celebrate all things apple.

"To do our bit to help out weve created a brand-new cake made with English eating apples the perfect thing to tuck into this autumn."
Lisa Smith, owner Ginger Bakers

One good thing about this time of year is all the warming food that’s on the menu and Ginger Bakers new Toffee Apple Cake is no exception. It’s just the thing to bring back fond memories of munching sticky, gooey, and chewy toffee apples during your family Halloween celebrations or while you were gathered round the bonfire on 05th November.

But we haven’t just created this delicious seasonal treat to celebrate all things Witchy or Gun Powder Treason And Plot. We’ve deliberately set out to celebrate all things apple…

You may not be aware but ever since 1990 villages and towns up and down the country have celebrated the humble English apple on 21st October. This annual event has become  known as Apple Day, it originally started as an environmental day to highlight the varieties of apples we are in danger of losing, the rich and diverse landscapes, ecology of our orchards and our deep seated cultural connections with this humble fruit.  

Apples have always been seen as being that little bit special, Eve getting in a tizz and being tempted with an apple, Snow White falling asleep after taking a bite and everyday folk eating an apple or two to keep the doctor away…

The sad fact though is that despite this delicious fruit’s ever-increasing popularity we’ve lost a lot of apple varieties in recent times. Historically there are around 2,500 varieties of apple grown in the UK, many specific to their geography and their specific climatic conditions, but these days only 8 varieties are generally sold in supermarkets, and sadly the 2 most popular Braeburn and Gala, are imported from New Zealand!

You might be able to guess how this has come about… it’s largely down to the multiple retailers, who demand products that are of a consistent size, flavour and are available all year round. This has inevitably led to the elbowing out of our native varieties.

Rather than import apples they could source them in the UK, which would mean we’d support our own farmers and growers and as a nation we could have the opportunity to eat a different apple variety every day for around 6 years!

So, to do our bit to help out we’ve created a brand-new cake made with English eating apples. With that in mind our seasonal toffee apple cake is just the thing to tuck into this autumn, perfect as a wicked treat for elevenses or with a cuppa in front of the fire in the afternoon. 

This deliciously tempting 600g Toffee Apple Cake with its warming cinnamon spiced apples, lashings of vanilla buttercream, devilishly tempting caramel drizzle, and topping of deliciously tangy dried apples is the perfect winter warmer.

But you better get your skates on to nab yours as it’s only currently available from the bakery at Plumgarth’s… Priced at just £7.00 per cake people are going batty for it!

For more information about the Ginger Bakers range visit: www.gingerbakers.co.uk


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