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Food Industry News

National Cooking Programme for Teens Launches

London-based Cookery School at Little Portland Street has launched a new National Cooking Programme offering free online cooking classes for teens.

National Cooking Programme for Teens Launches

"Our National Cooking Programme is designed to be a fun and relaxed way for teens to gain a decent cooking repertoire. The programme will promote the sheer joy of cooking."
Rosalind Rathouse

The National Cooking Programme, which began on 16 June, will run every Wednesday at 5.30pm for 20 weeks, will be streamed online for an hour every week on Instagram and YouTube. They are available to any young person who wants to take part. Stefan Lind, head of teaching at Cookery School at Little Portland Street, will lead the sessions, and participants can ask questions via the chat as they cook along. 

The programme was developed during the pandemic as a way of promoting health and wellbeing amongst young people, whilst giving them the opportunity to learn a valuable life skill. Rosalind Rathouse, who runs the school said:

"Our National Cooking Programme is designed to be a fun and relaxed way for teens to gain a decent cooking repertoire. The programme will promote the sheer joy of cooking and, at the same time, help teens recognise the importance of healthy eating and the role that cooking and shopping has in sustainability and reducing greenhouse gases."

Ingredients lists and recipes will be posted weekly on the Cookery School at Little Portland’s Instagram feed. Find out more about all the classes here and help spread the word!


Photo credit – School Food Matters


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