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Cooking During Covid-19 Freezer Friendly Soups

During our time at home, in isolation and with restaurants closed we all need to cook a lot more. At Cookery School we would like to share simple principles giving you the confidence to replicate them at home.

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Cooking During Covid-19  Freezer Friendly Soups

"Use leftover old bread to make simple croutons by dicing, drizzling in olive oil and salt, and baking for 10 minutes."
Rosalind Rathouse

At Cookery School at Little Portland Street we teach to empower so that everyone has the confidence to replicate recipes again and again at home. We also teach by principle – if you can understand how to make one soup, you can make a whole range of different soups using the same principle.

During our time at home, in isolation, these principles have never been more pertinent, when we all need to cook a lot more. We will be sharing simple, home-cooked weekly recipes and tips with you, so that your experience of cooking during Covid-19 is a positive one, with new recipes learnt and delicious dishes enjoyed.

With the asparagus season around the corner, we would like to share a delicious recipe for a freezer friendly asparagus soup which uses every part of the asparagus, even the woody ends which are often thrown away. Asparagus supports good gut health. It is packed with fibre, contains a decent amount of protein and vitamin B,  and it is digested more easily than other vegetables.

Below are the basic principles to any soup

Soups: basic principles

  • Almost any vegetable can be used in a soup
  • Fry onion in oil or butter over a medium high heat. Do not heat the oil first, heat together. Only stir when the onions start to colour (the sugar in the onion starts to caramelise and cause the browning. Repeat until golden brown, this give good flavour
  • If a paler soup is required heat on a lower setting and do not brown the onions
  • Add garlic, if using, and fry very lightly until translucent. If burned it can become bitter
  • Add diced or sliced vegetables to the pan
  • Add liquid – this can be water, stock (meat, fish or vegetable) and any chopped tomatoes
  • Add any herbs and spices
  • Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer until vegetables are cooked
  • Liquidise or leave as a chunky soup
  • Season with salt and pepper

Visit our website for the full recipe for asparagus soup and more tips from our founder Rosalind Rathouse.