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Nutritional and diet-friendly Pancake recipe ideas

Nutritional and diet-friendly Pancake recipe ideas


So I've had so many tweets about my homemade pancakes, which can be consumed at any point of the day.

Before I begin the portions are based on my own goals which is to stay lean and healthy, dependant on yourself you can add more or reduce.

First off the products I used were: Free range eggs x3, a handful of oats, banana, organic peanut butter, coconut oil, walnuts and cocoa/ flaxseed sprinkles.

(Pre heat a medium sized pan in coconut oil)

1) Mix 3 eggs (all of the egg) in with a handful of oats and whisk together

2) Place in a warm pan, I used coconut oil as has better health benefits

3) Once you can see the base forming put a tablespoon of peanut butter (can use almond or cashew nut butter if you prefer) then place in crunched up walnuts.

4) Put lid over pan so the remainder of the pancake forms, or put under light grill till fluffy.

5) Once it has all formed and it's no longer runny, flip it into one half (you have to practise the technique on that).

6) Then top with a little peanut butter, squirt from a fresh lime, and sprinkle with topping, I used a cocoa and flaxseed sprinkle.

7) Cut into half and enjoy!!! Can be used as a snack or meal, and can be eaten cool.