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Annual Leave for business owners

Heriot Hughes Chartered Accountants advises business owners.

Annual Leave for business owners

"I have learned and know the importance of taking time out"
John Hughes

With holiday season now in full flow have you managed to take some time away from your business and spend time with your loved ones?  If not, why not?!

Running your own business can be very rewarding, yet taking a holiday is so rarely one of those rewards.  It can be very difficult to spend time away from a business that relies on you, but it's also important for your own health to take regular breaks.  If you suffer, your business will suffer so it is vitally important you take time to relax and unwind and take care of yourself.

John Hughes, Principal of Heriot Hughes Chartered Accountants says “As well as looking after many business owners, I am a business owner myself.  I have learned and know the importance of taking time out and actively encourage to all my clients the need for them to take time away from their business.”

Here are some tips on how to make your holidays happen.

1.    Plan.  It’s pretty likely you ask your staff to plan in their holiday requests for the year so make sure you also factor in yours.  Stick to it.  You will never see any time as a good time to leave your business so just go!

2.    Prepare.  Make sure you have prepared your management team and staff as much as possible before you go.  This will make you and them feel more relaxed.  Remind them of standards and expectations.  Assure them you have complete confidence in them, build them up positively. 

3.    Switch off.  Leaving the business in body only is not leaving the business and certainly not giving you relaxation time if you are going to sit replying to emails all day.  If you feel you really must stay in contact, then set a short time (half an hour) aside each day just to check in on any urgent issues.  Ignore the non-urgent. 

4.    Advise.  Make sure you state on your out of office the length of time you are away, your return date and most importantly the name and details of your management team who can assist in your absence which gives them the confidence that people other than you are quite capable of dealing with matters for them.

5.    Do Not.  Don’t sit and look at your laptop and phone, this is not relaxing or taking time away. Don’t keep checking in on your staff this is not relaxing or taking time away but also not showing any trust or confidence in your team.

6.    Enjoy.  You will only really feel the benefit if you take a step back and relax.  Do the things that relax you most and make you happiest

John continues “With technology advancements now, such as cloud software,  it is much easier to be able to take some time away from the office but with the peace of mind that in the event of an emergency you could deal with unexpected situations if required.”

Take the break so as you don’t break.