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RIFT Military Engagement RAF Halton

RIFT Military Engagement RAF Halton

"RIFT has always been a proud supporter of the Armed Forces."
Bradley Post, Managing Director of RIFT tax refund

RIFT has always been a proud supporter of the Armed Forces. From the £56 million in MOD tax refunds we’ve claimed for almost 36,000 people, to our partnership with the ABF Soldiers Charity were we’ve just hit £200,000 in donations to date.  We like to do our part to support former and current military families.  In fact, with a number of our current and former employees either from military backgrounds or families themselves we’re keenly aware of the specific day to day issues that only affect those in the Armed Forces.

We’ve often spoke about the importance of helping Service Leavers to find work or start businesses, argued strongly for employers to look closely at what they can bring to the table in construction, offshore and other industries.  Now, we’ve cemented our support of Britain’s military even further by signing up to the Armed Forces Covenant.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a commitment to honour the trials and sacrifices of the Army, Naval Service and Royal Air Force.  It's recognition of the work they do, the challenges and dangers they face and the price they so often pay. Crucially, it's a commitment that no one who serves their country should be disadvantaged as a result. The Armed Forces Covenant calls on individuals, employers and organisations to honour those who risk their own lives to protect ours.

Signing up the covenant involves fighting for the fair treatment of service personnel and veterans as well as promoting the armed forces covenants. Another important aspect is working to ensure that our own workforce understands and lives up to our commitments. As part of this we sent two of our Team Leaders along with our Head of Armed Forces Liaison Officer, Shaun Micallef-Green, to an Interactive Leadership Experience at RAF Halton.  Featuring training from the Airmen’s Command Squadron, it was a full leadership training day and a priceless opportunity to experience first-hand some of the responsibilities, duties and expectations faced by non-commissioned officers in the UK Armed Forces.

Together they were put through their paces in a series of structured exercises designed to test and bolster leadership and communication skills.  At the same time, the event develops key attributes and personal qualities from team cohesion to mental robustness in a tough military environment.

Many of RIFT’s employees come from military backgrounds or families, and Shaun Micallef-Green is a prime example.  As an Armed Forces veteran, the Interactive Leadership Experience was practically a homecoming for him.  He said ‘’Having attending many leadership events as a former AGC(ETS) Officer, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at RAF Halton.  It was like a blast from the past.  The tasks were extremely well run and the staff was excellent at drawing lessons out of the activities in the debriefs – lessons that could be directly related to everyday work environments’’.


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