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Salford Credit Union set to go global

Salford Credit Union set to go global

"To meet credit union colleagues and thought leaders from across the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity."
Samantha Owen

A Greater Manchester-based credit union is set to represent the UK after securing a place at an international conference in Los Angeles.

Salford Credit Union, a not-for-profit membership organisation that provides savings and loans products to people who work and live in the city, nominated finance manager Samantha Owen to attend.

Samantha joined Salford Credit Union Ltd in November 2018 and has already made a massive impact on internal procedures.
Before joining Salford Credit Union she served four years as a Finance Manager at various branches of Holiday Inn. She is one of only nine people selected to represent the UK with the support of the Credit Union Foundation at the LA conference.

Samantha will attend the annual “Inclusiv” Credit Union Conference on September 16-18th. The conference is the largest gathering of credit unions and brings together thought leaders, policymakers, researchers and practitioners in the fields of financial empowerment and community development.

Sheila Murtagh, chief executive of Salford Credit Union, said: “It is a real honour to have Sam selected to represent the UK credit union sector – a sector we are so proud of, and is getting more and more attention as people feel let down by high street banks and are looking for alternatives.

“Attending this conference will give Sam the opportunity to learn about good practice in the US so she can come back to Salford and the UK with knowledge, ideas, contacts and new friends which will mean she can make an even bigger impact in helping people feel better off.”

Samantha added: “I am delighted to have been selected to represent not only Salford Credit Union, but the UK at this year’s Inclusiv conference. To meet credit union colleagues and thought leaders from across the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Salford Credit Union currently has 4000 members, offering savings and loans products as well as free payroll deduction services for Salford based employers.

For more information on Salford Credit Union go to www.salfordcreditunion.com

PHOTO: Salford Credit Unon Finance Manager Samantha Owen pictured with Deputy CEO Mark Brazendale in prep for LA