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Anderson Brookes, going beyond liquidation and saving wedding dreams.

Anderson Brookes, going beyond liquidation and saving wedding dreams.

"They worked with me and understood my feelings which was above and beyond"
Debbie Buck

Glamour Bridal, Bolton, that went into liquidation on the 5th of June, has had some unlikely help from the company helping with the close down of the business. With some brides being left up in the air about what will be happening to their wedding dresses.


However, there has been some positive progression for some of the brides. This is all thanks to Anderson Brookes, the company that will be liquidating the Bridal store. Also based in Bolton, Anderson Brookes has gone beyond the normal liquidating process. To help this local businesswoman with the close down of her business.


Anderson Brookes has had a number of dresses delivered to their office. They are then going out of their way to contact the brides to let them know the good news. A world away from the usual liquidator's process people are used to, Anderson Brookes is now expected to see around 20 brides come along for their dresses. They have also tried to find alternative alteration solutions for these brides.


Debbie, former owner of Glamour Bridal has said:


“Anderson Brookes has just been amazing! We have been trading for 8 years and we have always provided an exceptional service. Anderson Brookes came along at a point where I had no idea what was to happen next especially for my brides.


In the 20 minutes I spent with them, they helped me out more than any of the other insolvency practices I had gone too. Weddings are part of a dream to most people, and as a bridal store, you are also part of that dream.


My priority has always been my brides so for Anderson Brookes to do this they are not only helping me, they are helping some of my brides too! They worked with me and understood my feelings which was above and beyond”


When a company is being liquidated, most assets are sold on and in most cases, customers do end up losing out. However, Anderson Brookes didn’t want this for Debbie Buck, former owner of Glamour Bridal, and has ensured that some brides will get the dresses they have paid for.


The dresses range from wedding dresses, bridesmaid and flower girls. With Anderson Brookes doing this, it saves several brides the hassle of having to find replacement wedding dresses, with some brides’ weddings being only a number of weeks away.


Based in Churchgate House, Bolton, Anderson’s Brookes office has now turned into a mini bridal suite with staff at Anderson Brookes going above and beyond to ensure some of the Brides are getting their dream dresses for their big day.


Rebecca Marsden, who is a member of the team at Anderson Brookes has said:


“Weddings are stressful enough so we can’t imagine how some of the brides are feeling about all this. So if we can help even just a little bit to ensure some brides get their dream big day then that's a success in our eyes.”


If you are one of the affected brides please get in touch with them here.