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Top Marks For Greystone As Survey Illustrates The Future Is Digital

Top Marks For Greystone As Survey Illustrates The Future Is Digital


Cheshire-based firm, Greystone Financial Services, commissioned marketing agency ClientsFirst this summer to undertake an independent survey on their behalf in order to gain valuable insight into what their clients thought of the service. The firm were delighted with both the number of responses and their clients’ very positive comments.
The initial Client Satisfaction Survey specifically asked for feedback on the service provided. There were very few negative comments overall and, when asked directly, 96% of Greystone clients said they would recommend the firm to friends and family.
This result was reinforced by 85.3% of responses recording they were 'Very Satisfied' with the service, and 12.5% 'Satisfied’.
MD, Neil Alexander (pictured), commented: “This was way beyond what we hoped to hear, especially when you consider that the survey took place in an unparalleled period of financial turmoil.’
He continued: "Again the headline rate of 98% 'Very Satisfied' or 'Satisfied' is extremely high and we were thrilled to hear this. The few dissatisfied responses we received related to investment performance and the like, rather than the service we provide, which is something that was beyond our control."
The second part of the survey related to communication and questioned how their clients would like to be contacted in the future.
Nine out of 10 respondents said they wanted to receive information via email, with 66% reporting they no longer want to receive information by post, and 65% stating they now use the Internet to access financial news, a population trend it would appear is set to continue*.
Neil ended by saying: "We understand how important it is to continue to ask questions and tailor our service to clients’ needs in the best way we can. Digital is most definitely becoming more popular with our audience and forms a key part of our future communication strategy.
“The willingness of our clients to recommend to others is undoubtedly the most sincere endorsement we can hope for.
"After over 25 years of new business through recommendations only, we will strive to maintain this for the next 25."


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