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Environment Business News - Waste is inevitable, but without responsible waste management, it can have a huge impact on the world around us. For example, Versova beach in India was rendered little more than a dumping ground for horrific amounts of rubbish. But after a staggering 85-week clean-up operation, the beach was restored to its former glory. There are a number of large-scale clean-up operations ongoing around the world.

The worlds biggest clean-ups

Environment Business News - The business world is moving towards sustainability. The benefits are clear you can help the planet and help your business. In fact, one-third of consumers prefer sustainable brands according to a report by Unilever.

Businesses That Help Boost the Circular Economy

Environment Business News - As the British economy continues its gradual reopening, there is growing motivation to ensure that businesses can build back better from the difficulties of pandemic restrictions.

We Cant Rebuild the Economy Without Retraining and Sustainability

Environment Business News - It should come as no surprise that a strong environmental ethos within an organisation is a driving factor for many jobseekers when choosing where to apply for work. However, a recent report has detailed just how important sustainability aligned with social responsibility really is in terms of recruitment.

Green Means Gold Sustainability the Key in Attracting Talent

Environment Business News - Time for a declutter By enlisting the help of a skip, you can save a lot of effort when it comes to waste disposal.

The dos and donts of filling a skip

Environment Business News - Leading energy pioneer AceOn today welcomed Chancellor Rishi Sunak s commitment to driving forward measures to tackle climate change but said his Budget could have gone further.

Time to deliver on Green promises

Environment Business News - With almost half of UK consumers now actively considering the environment when making a purchase according to a GlobalData survey , the market is more than ready to embrace a selection of sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning products that protect both families and the planet.

Eco-friendly products from Bothongo Hygiene Solutions protect people and planet

Environment Business News - Hereford Pedicargo will use its fleet of specially-designed bikes to collect glass from businesses across the city before turning it into sand to use in sandbags to help prevent flooding.

Recycling company launches new glass recycling project

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