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Katie's Classroom launches Mental Health and Wellbeing Flashcards for Childr

Yorkshire mum of four, Katie Higham, has launched a brand new range of Mental Health and Wellbeing Cards for parents with children at primary school. The cards have been designed to help children with their confidence, self-esteem and mindset.

Katie's Classroom launches Mental Health and Wellbeing Flashcards for Childr

"Having four children myself and realising how difficult this year has been on our Mental Health and Wellbeing, I wanted to help parents understand their childrens needs in terms of their self-esteem."

The owner and founder of Katie’s Classroom has recognised a huge need for this type of learning resource, especially over the lockdown period. 

Now more than ever our children’s Mental health is being challenged by the uncertainties and change that 2020 has thrown at us.  Katie really believes in these boxes as they’ll make children feel positive about themselves and the future.

She notes that parents and carers of children aged between 4 and 10 years of age reported that over a one-month period in lockdown, they saw increases in their child’s emotional difficulties, such as feeling unhappy, worried, being clingy and experiencing physical symptoms associated with worry, according to early results from the Co-SPACE study, asking parents and carers about their children’s Mental Health through the COVID-19 crisis.

Katie’s Mental Health range includes Calm Cards, Confidence Cards, Self-Esteem Cards, Kindness Cards, Friendship Cards, Happy Cards, Growth Mindset Cards, Mindfulness Cards and Self-Care Cards.   

One Mum, Emma said:

“My eight year old daughter was very happy go lucky before the lockdown period. However, when she was at home for the sustained period her behaviour changed drastically and she started to have temper tantrums, as well as arguments and showed big signs of restlessness and anxiety. Going back to school has certainly helped to improve this, but I feel parents need a lot more help with supporting their children’s mental health and these cards are perfect for that.”

Katie is a mum of four and was a teacher for seven years before setting up Katie’s Classroom in 2016. She successfully ran free online phonics classes over the lockdown period and is very passionate about helping parents and children during this difficult time. 

Katie says:

“Having four children myself and realising how difficult this year has been on our Mental Health and Wellbeing, I wanted to help parents understand their children’s needs in terms of their self-esteem, confidence and mindset. There are different boxes depending on what you feel your child needs to focus on. The boxes have been created with love to help little ones feel really good about themselves particularly if they worry, feel a bit low sometimes and need a little boost! My favourite are the Mindfulness Cards -  which help children be in touch with their thoughts and feelings and gives them a greater awareness of how they're feeling in the moment. Being mindful will also improve your child's focus, hopefully reduce any stress of anxiety they may have and regulate their emotions better.”

For every box sold, Katie will donate 5% to Young Minds Charity. 


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