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Bud Systems launches Content Marketplace

One-stop-shop for easier searching, comparing and purchasing of curriculum content launched by the No 1 platform for training delivery

Bud Systems launches Content Marketplace

"Bringing the purchasing of curriculum content under the Bud umbrella enhances quality control and delivers huge efficiency gains for the training delivery team."
Alex Bowman, Curriculum Manager, Bud Systems

Amidst a challenging backdrop of ever-changing funding pots, priorities and skills gaps, training providers are under increasing pressure to streamline delivery whilst improving the quality of the learning they provide. Bud Systems is established as expert in the delivery of many forms of training and facilitating digital learning. And now, in recognition of the need for training providers to gain quick access to high quality content, it’s launching a Content Marketplace as another feature of its end-to-end service.

Bud’s Content Marketplace is the first of its kind allowing trainers to easily filter and search through a range of providers to find the best curriculum content. Making the latest SCORM content easily available to their customers, it will make innovative forms of content such as Augmented Reality much more accessible. It will also help to level up the playing field for smaller providers by giving them easier access to new brands of content or mix-up content styles according to the level of training required.

Content Marketplace is available to customers within their Bud Systems’ tenancy with no additional premium to pay. The Marketplace provides a comparison service allowing programme creators to search through products from a list of content providers, helping to keep pricing competitive. Content Marketplace is underpinned by the core values of Bud Systems’ training management platform, smoothing the delivery of training by digitally enabling training providers to roll-out high-quality content to more and more learners. Via Bud’s new Content Marketplace website. Bud’s customers can create a shopping list of their content and Bud will then make it available, within their platform tenancy, ready for learners to access.

Alex Bowman, Curriculum Manager at Bud Systems, comments, “Currently a training or curriculum manager would spend a large amount of time searching for and downloading content, only then to reformat it, map it to the applicable apprenticeship standards and finally upload it to whatever system they’re using. The process can be hugely laborious, and we saw a real need to simplify it, reducing admin time to enable trainers to get back to doing what they do best: teaching.  The content we’re providing access to is SCORM based, which means pass or fail results are recorded in Bud. In addition, our customers will be able to build their programmes faster, so their learners can progress from the moment they’re enrolled. Giving learners the very best experience whilst providing obvious cash flow benefits for training providers. Bringing the purchasing of curriculum content under the Bud umbrella enhances quality control and delivers huge efficiency gains for the training delivery team, whilst being sure that content is competitively priced.”

Brad Tombling, Customer Success Director at Bud Systems, comments, “The training sector is subject to volatility with the change to apprenticeship standards and complex compliance and funding rules to adhere to; operating a training provider business is not without its challenges. We’ve always strived to be the very best end to end solution for training providers, through Bud’s data driven insights and smooth operational workflows that reduce administrative time whilst driving data accuracy. The launch of Content Marketplace is just another move towards digitising even more functions and giving providers the tools to grow their businesses by advancing the outcomes of even more learners.”

Bud’s data warehouse automatically collects and stores hundreds of data points from every learner every day. Through Bud’s dashboards customers can track behaviour throughout the learner’s journey giving trainers and managers early visibility of potential problem areas and enabling them to take early intervention. As a digital platform, Bud facilitates a blended approach to learning, tracking every interaction and automatically building evidence for the ESFA and Ofsted.



About Bud Systems

Bud is a leading apprenticeship and vocational training management platform developed through the combination of in-depth training industry insight with the brightest minds in product and software development. Bud is an intuitive, end to end solution that effortlessly overcomes the many issues faced by training providers and giving every user the best possible experience.  It’s effective, efficient and engaging, resulting in an enhanced learning experience and a streamlined process from start to finish.


About Content Marketplace

Established as expert in all forms of training delivery and facilitating digital learning, Bud Systems has now launched a new Content Marketplace to its solution. Making the latest content more available to trainers, it will bring innovative forms of training such as Augmented Reality to more people. It will also help to level up the playing field for smaller providers by giving them easier access to new brands of content or mix content styles up according to the level of training required. The Marketplace acts as a comparison service allowing curriculum managers to search through a long list of content providers, helping to keep pricing competitive. Content Marketplace is underpinned by Bud Systems’ intuitive training management platform, smoothing the purchase-to-delivery journey.


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