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Eggstra eggstra - Easter comes early to Blackpool Carers Centre

Easter wouldn't be Easter without a donkey - ask Blackpool Carers Centre!

Eggstra eggstra - Easter comes early to Blackpool Carers Centre

Event Details:

  • Location: Beaverbrooks House 147 Newton Drive Blackpool
  • Postcode: FY3 8LZ
  • Contact: JULIE HOLLAND
  • Phone: 01253 393748
  • Email: julie.holland@blackpoolcarers.org
  • Starts: Sat Apr 13 2019 @12:00
  • Finishes: Sat Apr 13 2019 @15:00

"Easter wouldn't be Easter without a donkey - we've certainly pinned a 'tale' on this one."
Press officer

Eggstra eggstra read all about it.

Yes Blackpool Carers Centre know when it's Easter. But why not have two cracks at it...?

This eggstravaganza (yes, we can keep them coming until you screme egg for mercy) is set fair for Saturday. This Saturday. April 13. And the weather forecast isn't bad either.

Hunt those eggs down. Find them wherever they are skulking, check out the crafts and just enjoy the surrounds. If you haven't discovered what Beaverbrooks House, the HQ that DIY SOS totally transformed for Blackpool Carers in the summer of 2016,  has to offer it's time you did. It's beautiful and the grounds are superb - and a constant work in progress within and without.

The tangle of brambles and thick undergrowth has well and truly gone - if anything that DIY SOS Big Build for Children in Need was two builds in one, as much a rescue mission outdoors as in the vandalised property within. 

Today the Yellow Room is alive with the colours of Spring - and outside carers and volunteers are working on growing their own vegetables and other produce just beyond the impressive kitchen window.

The building has become a real community asset, busy day and night, and by no means exclusively used by the charity but by other community groups and networks too.

Easter is the season of new beginnings - and the centre has an ambitious programme of events and projects ahead.  Particularly with Carers Week coming up in June along with the start of the charity's annual Cash Quest for Carers quest which gives a real employment opportunity to a caring young adult. There's a chance to make a real splash with the Wakepark Wipeout challenge over two gloriously soggy days too - businesses invited to join the fun. 

But in the meantime the sun is out - and the charity's donkey mascot is strutting his stuff with a little more self importance ... because it wouldn't be Easter without a donkey, an integral element of the celebration. And it wouldn't be Blackpool Carers Centre without Rocco the carers' donkey mascot. 

We pinned quite a 'tale' on Rocco the carers' mascot some years ago because we wanted something synonymous with the seaside - and someone who wouldn't baulk at a burden considered onerous by many. Here in Blackpool, there's a donkey charter, arguably the oldest of the lot, which offers Rocco's extended family proper rights when at work, lunch breaks, Fridays off, not having to carry too heavy a burden ...  and that resonates with carers who struggle for a bit of time out.   Since then he's done some travelling - even met Genghis Khan last year! 

As the definitive kick-ass  Rocco has almost rock star status in local schools and community gatherings  - and always looks forward to the annual visits from the superstar of mascots, Pudsey.   He's already good pals with other mascots in and around the resort centre, Harry the Hound at the Houndshill shopping centre,  Bloomfield Bear at Blackpool FC, Bling and Balula at Sandcastle WaterPark (we do like our water) and more. Time to revive the old Blackpool Mascot Games? 

So if you want to meet Rocco, hunt down those eggs, and generally steal an early march - or April - on Easter and show you care about your community and a charity which helps carers cope with whatever life throws at them and loved ones come along - and find out what Good Eggs we all are.

Just don't feed the donkey any chocolate - particularly donkey milk chocolate. It's said to be good for allergies but Rocco is highly averse to the notion. 

Can't say we blame him...